Will Omaha’s Trev Alberts leave for Nebraska AD Job?

Illustration: Can Trev Albert navigate his way back to his alma mater the University of Nebraska Lincoln?

Thursday afternoon, the University of Nebraska fired their Athletic Director, Shawn Eichorst, after consecutive poor starts to the football season and last weekend’s disappointing loss to Northern Illinois 21-17.

Eyes were immediately cast to Omaha where AD Trev Alberts pilots the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s program. Could Alberts be the next skipper of Big Red athletics?

Unfortunately, despite his Cornhusker bona fides, Alberts has been facing his own problems at UNO. One of his biggest supporters, former Chancellor John Christenson, recently retired. Then, the Omaha World-Herald did a hatchet job on UNO’s decision to jump to Division I, the decision to drop the football program, and budget busting (“coffee gate”) During his entire tenure, the gleaming $82 million Baxter Arena has been hemorrhaging cash. And, worst of all, during the recent budget cuts, Alberts lost his country club membership.

And even the local Mav fans are having some fun with the changes at University of Nebraska Lincoln:

Other Mav faithful think it could really happen.

Relax UNO fans – Trev’s not going anywhere. Just stop by his office anytime and talk Mav’s sports over a cup of coffee – but you may have to pay.

2 thoughts on “Will Omaha’s Trev Alberts leave for Nebraska AD Job?”

  1. Seems a no-brainer that Trev is a front runner for the position: former standout football player alum, charismatic with TV/ media duties on the resume, and has significantly raised the Mavs’ profile as current AD of UNO. That revoked club membership is vital for schmoozing donors and at UNL that would be amount to peanuts in his expense account. The budget constraints are part and parcel of working at a mid-major urban campus satellite school. If anything, it shows he’s ready to take the next step up.


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