LetsGoDU Super Poll™ Picks Pioneers, Again

Photo: We crunched the numbers and it is the University of Denver in the top spot.

For Immediate Release

The 2017-2018 college hockey Super Poll using Goddard-Metrics picks DU in the top slot for the 13th consecutive year.

1). Denver – Undefeated, untied
2). Boston College – Save the silver polish for the Beanpot Trophy
3). Minnesota – Don Lucia makes ‘great’ good
4). Harvard – DU fallback school loses on the ice but wins the endowment war
5). UMass-Lowell- No title for the River Hawks but they maintain the mantle as the only town in Massachusetts that begins and ends with the same letter
6). Minnesota-Duluth – Second best in state and second best in conference but still Jay Stickney’s favorite winter vacation destination
7). Notre Dame – Sorry Domers, you will be in the shadows of Williams Tower again
8). North Dakota – Stuck on 8’s
9) St Cloud State – Get cirrus! Not a chance this season unless you are a drunken nimbus.
10). Penn State – Futball Skule

*Last – Colorado College – Four straight years of being the ‘youngest team in college hockey’ turns I-25 into a trail of tears.

**The Super Poll  further predicts Olympic gold for the USA in a Russia/USA final. The model calculated an OT goal for the win by DU’s 5-hole Terry.

*** The LetsGoDU Super Poll is a scientific analysis factoring strength of schedule, player statistics and coaching tendencies. Then Denver is placed in the one hole, CC is placed last and the rest of the teams more or less settle where they might likely finish.

9 thoughts on “LetsGoDU Super Poll™ Picks Pioneers, Again”

  1. Love the SuperPoll.

    It will be interesting in South Bend this weekend, and without Hammond in the lineup on defense. After reading the game day article in the Denver Post today, I have some questions. Pairing two big d-men who haven’t played much college hockey (Mendel and Fear) seems weird to me. Why not pair those two newcomers with a more experienced players?

    The other surprise is seeing Ryan Barrow up on the second line. I would have expected to see Borgstrom playing with Heikennen and Finlay here…

    Don’t be surprised if DU struggles early in the season against these good teams on the road – Notre Dame, BC and BU.

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    1. I also expect our early season results to possibly disappoint the casual. Winning on the road is difficult for everyone. With 4 games at ND(2), BU, and BC in the first 3 weeks, the 94 NY Rangers wouldn’t get through that gauntlet unscathed. We have the combination of the best returning talent, coaching, and maturity to repeat as National Champions. National championships are not won in October. Chill everyone if we lose a few.
      Goddard analysis is spot on. It looks like young Goddard has learned and honed his handicapping skills under the tutelage of yours truly, known in betting parlors world wide as “The Dunker”.

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    1. And an 0-3 team at number 5…I am just so not onboard with this poll. LOL. You really got your finger on the pulse of NCAA D1 Hockey with this blog. Wow……Just. So. Lame.

      I mean, you frickin have BC at 2 and a 0-3 team at 5, with no mention of BU.

      Have you ever actually watched NCAA D1 Hockey? I assume you have attended…But have you ever really watched?

      Just rename your poll the “Super Stupid Poll”…’cause that’s what it is…


      1. Huh? You have a team that just got swept at 5, by CC. I happen to know Coach Haviland, CC will be quite good soon. I call so much BS on this blog, it is ridiculous. I am a lifelong DU fan and am completely more “in the know” than any of you.

        Get it together, man….either provide quality or just quit. I have read gigantic crap like “NCAA takes a chance on Chicago”…Really?…Like Tampa Bay wasn’t a risk years ago. It worked. Why would Chicago be a risk? Fuck.

        I actually will state it: This blog has no knowledge and shotty hockey writing.


      2. The SuperPoll has been around for 8 years or so, and if you’d followed it, you’ll know it alway’s been posted for laughs. DU is always first, CC is always last, and the others are thrown in there in rough order so they can be satirized as well.


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