Top 10 Reasons to favor DU vs Omaha

10. Omaha spends more on K-Cups than recruiting

9. The Pioneers have ended more Mavs seasons than referees’ whistle

8. Denver owns Omaha. The Pioneers are leasing Caniglia Field back to the Mavs for the playoffs

Caniglia Field

7. Omaha is so used to second place that they leave the top step empty for team photos

6. There are more fingers on one hand than Maverick shots-on-goal last game against DU

5. Drinking game starts whenever head coach Jason Mims says, “heartbreaking loss”.

4. They retreat so much they recruited a French player (Ugo Fritz) to show ’em how

3. Boredom. Peyton Manning yelled, “Omaha, Omaha” because “nondescript town in the Midwest” was too long to say.


2. Because head coach Jason Mims said the Mavs prefer road games to ‘get rest’ instead of facing the rigors of playing at home

1. Players only know the first part of “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”