The Case for ‘Denver Pioneers’

As a key voice in Pioneer Nation, LetsGoDU promised we’d have more to say about the DU Native Student Association’s (“NSA”) recent decision to create a “NoMorePios” campaign in an attempt to sever DU from its 92-year old identity, tradition, and nickname, the Pioneers.

LetsGoDU has always believed in the power of Pioneer tradition to link everyone in the University of Denver Pioneer family. Accordingly, we’ve developed the following 90-second video that explains why “Pioneers” works for DU. We offer this video in the spirit of positive dialogue, learning and inclusion, and we support substantive efforts to make Native American students and culture a more integral part of the DU community.

While it’s impossible to share our entire case in a 90-second video, we hope you accept the spirit in which this has been made and open your minds and hearts to other, more meaningful efforts, to bring the University community together. Our premise remains – the best way to unite us is through inclusion and celebrating the best in us – not taking things away.

In the meantime, we encourage to you watch this video and share it (Twitter, Facebook, email) with everyone you know.

Go Pioneers!