10 observations of North Dakota fans in Denver

Photo: While many Fighting Hawks fans could not make it to Denver, a lot did.

As usual, North Dakota fans showed up in force at Magness Arena this weekend. But their appearance around Denver could be seen and felt off the ice as well. So, here are our Top 10 Hawks fan observations from this past weekend:

10. Visitors toured Denver microbrewery’s to get ideas on how to upgrade their stills

9. The Platte River provided first warm bath all year

8. ‘Taking a cruise’ meant a drive around Commerce City

7. Average game ticket price was more expensive than their car’s blue book price

Related image

6. Casa Bonita chef swamped with recipe requests

5. Courteous fans purchased extra game ticket for the ATF agents following them

4. Michael’s crafts store has record curtain sales – for pickup trucks

3. After the drive to Denver, numerous North Dakota fans miss hockey game for Saturday’s MMA feature event at the Grizzly Rose

2. Magness Arena is “over yonder”

Image result for plastic bag on car window

1. Hefty Bag sales spiked as visitors replaced torn windows for the long drive home


7 thoughts on “10 observations of North Dakota fans in Denver”

  1. As much as it hurts to see your own arena with 2,000 green UND fans in it, you do have to admire their passion for their team, even if almost all of them live here in Colorado.

    They have the biggest fan base in the sport, and I’m glad DU and UND got together to form the NCHC – it’s been great for both schools.

    Can’t wait to see them again!


  2. The UND fans are passionate but sometimes they totally lose perspective. To ‘blame’ the opposing coach of challenging a call (that was over-turned) and defending an illegal hit that was nowhere near the puck, which may have ended a player’s career, shows a total lack of class. I used to respect their hockey knowledge. Now, I think it may be passion at any cost. This is college hockey – not the NHL. Time for them to balance their passion with perspective.


  3. They have a large percentage of idiots in their fan base, more so than other schools. Hockey is all they got, and that is evident in their behavior. Just hicks, what you gonna do? I’m glad that they come to Magness, But some etiquette classes and personal hygiene tips would help. Perhaps something their alumni association could set up.

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  4. Speaking of a lack of class, this “commentary” shows a wealth of it. Stick to watching your own hockey team. And btw, if you think Denver doesn’t have ignorant fans, then you are one of them.


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