American Hero Named to US Olympic Team

In what came as little surprise to many local hockey fans, Denver forward Troy Terry was named to the US Olympic squad in PyeongChang, South Korea this winter.

Terry joins other Pioneer Olympic  hockey notables to include Paul Stasny who played in two Olympics (US ’10, ’14) and Kevin Dineen (Canada ’84 & Women’s Hockey Coach ’14) who played and coached at past Olympics. Other hockey players include Bruce Dickson (Canada ’52), Marshall Johnson (Canada, ’64), Stephen Landis US ’72), Ronald Naslund (US ’72), Glenn Anderson ( Canada ’80), Ken Berry (Canada ’80), Richard Brangnolo (Canada ’80), Craig Patrick (US Coach ’84), Craig Redmond (Canada ’84),  Ken Berry (Canada ’88), Derek Mayer (Canada ’94), Craig Patrick (US Coach ’02), and Antti Laaksonen (Finland ’06). More than 40 current and former Pioneers have represented the University of Denver as coaches or participants in skiing.

The PyeongChang Olympics will run from February 9th through February 25th. Terry will likely miss DU’s home and away series against Colorado College (February 16th & 17th) and away at St Cloud (February 24th & 25th). St Cloud will be short defenseman Will Borgen who also made the US squad. Terry and Borgen will be joined by other collegians Ryan Donato (Harvard) and Jordan Greenway (Boston University). Most of the USA roster will be comprised of players who are standouts in European professional leagues and former NHL’ers.

Terry carved a global reputation last year during the World Junior Championships with his heroic shootout 5-hole goals which led the US squad to the World Junior Championship.

6 thoughts on “American Hero Named to US Olympic Team”

  1. What a wonderful honor for Troy! This should be an amazing experience for him in South Korea, playing with 15+ US professional players against the most high-level hockey pro opponents he’s ever faced, in a global showcase event with millions watching around the world. While he’ll miss a few Pio games in February, the Olympic experience should help him and the Pios in March and hopefully April. The Olympics are a dream that 99.99999% of hockey player will never get to enjoy, and Terry will always be an Olympian for the rest of his life. This is a huge deal for him, for his family, for DU and for hockey in Colorado. Well done!

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  2. This is really cool. Congrats Troy!!

    The last calendar year hasn’t been too bad in terms of hockey for Troy–a gold medal at the World Juniors in January, an NCAA title in April, and now being named to the US Olympic team. Wow.

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  3. I just read the article that Vizoroo recommended. So do I! It’s not the typical reporter to player interview “we have to play it one game at a time” blah,blah,.
    Enjoyable and interesting look into Troy as a Denver local.
    5 HOLE!!

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  4. 9news did a good, long feature on Troy last night during the sports segment. No link, but I assume it’s out there somewhere.


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