BREAKING: Letter confirms collusion at highest levels of DU: Who did it?

Chart Final

We wrote on Thursday, January 11th about the collusion between DU senior leadership, staff members, and student groups to ban unofficial mascot Denver Boone and to potentially also change the school nickname from ‘Pioneers’ to ‘Trailblazers’. Yesterday, a source provided us with a copy of a January 2017 letter which is a “smoking gun” proving that this collusion reached to the highest levels of the University.  We’ve provided this handy chart that outlines the key players in the scheme, and what we know to be true so far about their roles.

The letter from Dr. Liliana Rodriguez, University of Denver Vice-Chancellor for Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, and Dr. Frank Tuitt, Sr. Advisor to the Chancellor and Provost on Diversity and Inclusion, and copied to Chancellor Rebecca Chopp and Provost Gregg Kvistad, states that DU’s “[DU’s] Full Leadership Team” is “committed to developing procedures to ensure that our past decisions regarding mascots are respected.” We feel safe in interpreting that as: “using whatever procedure DU can come up with to eliminate Boone.” The letter had been written in response to student demands following the Free Speech Wall/Black Lives Matter events of 2016/17.

Boone Collusion Graphic

It apparently took almost a year for the “full leadership team” to develop their new “procedure” in secret. In December, 2017, Renell Wynn, Vice Chancellor for Communications, called a handful of select alumni to advise them of a new “mask” policy — and not for input, but as a fait accompli. The disingenuous mask policy had been “developed”, exactly as Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Tuitt had promised, and featured Orwellian-like language changes on the DU web site between mid-December and January 1, 2018 when it became official. The policy, deviously couched as a campus safety issue, was proven to be directed squarely at Boone when DU Campus Safety chief Don Enloe revealed that mascots from other schools would actually be permitted on campus under the new policy (while Boone would be banned).

Based on what we’ve heard, seen and read, we believe Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. Tuitt and Wynn are the likely three “ringleaders” of this anti-Boone, anti-Pioneer scheme. All three are senior leaders at DU, and none of the three attended DU as students, so it’s unlikely that any of the three have much emotional investment in DU’s school traditions. In fact, of the highest-ranking people on our chart, only Board Chair Doug Scrivner has a student connection to DU, as a DU law school graduate.

Getting back to the 2017 letter, it’s fascinating that while Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Tuitt refer to “safety” in the letter, the Boone character had been making appearances on campus and around the country since 2009, without a single safety incident. Indeed, the 2017 letter clarifies that new procedures were being developed not for safety purposes, but to ensure “respect” for past decisions. The most recent public Boone-related decision we know of, however, is former Chancellor Robert Coombe’s 2008 ruling that while Boone would not be the official mascot of the University, students and alumni could use Boone’s image “to the extent that they may choose”. It’s clear that the current senior administration’s determination to develop procedures to ban Boone must stem from other “decisions” (if they indeed exist), perhaps again made in secret.

The pre-planning, the input and approval of top leadership at the Chancellor and Board of Trustees level, and the covert year-long creation of the anti-Boone “procedure” without input from alumni demonstrates the depth of the collusion with regard to the so-called “mask” policy.

It appears the same type of covert planning and coordination may have gone into the idea of dropping the Pioneer nickname.

We’re digging for more information on that topic and we’ll report back soon…

If you are as outraged as we are about the devious mask ban, the cover-up of its real anti-Boone purpose, and DU’s blatant exclusion of its alumni in these events, please reach out to, and cc your note to

20 thoughts on “BREAKING: Letter confirms collusion at highest levels of DU: Who did it?”

  1. First thought, they pass out titles like a bank. Second thought, tuition is killing us – do we really need this over-head? Third, watch what they do -not what they say. Their goal is to transform the university in their image.

    I didn’t go to DU – but if I did I would fight for what little is left. I wrote a letter. I just hope it is not too little too late.

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  2. Sad & very disturbing. I hope one of the local news outlets runs a story soon and exposes the nonsense coming out of the senior DU leadership. Let’s keep the pressure on them unit they revisit this ridiculous policy and reverse it.

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  3. DU better say something soon. They are being portrayed a high schoolers – and crickets. Unbelievable seeing the disdain they show to some of their biggest supporters.

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  4. Make no mistake. Mascots and nicknames may sound insignificant to some, but they are symbols of a much more important idea, and that’s why the administration is trying to change them. Many of them are embarrassed, and even angry at our western heritage.

    I’d say that if it weren’t for that history, they wouldn’t be working here.

    We are fighting for the western soul of our university.

    This is worth fighting for…

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  5. Anyone who has been connected with the Boone movement should not be surprised at the revelations outlined in this article. The “fix” was in. They only thing that had to be finalized was how to implement their plan. As far as I am concerned, this entire cabal has zero credibility.

    Not surprising that none of these people attended DU.

    I sent an email to Ed Rowe this past week asking how many people were offended by Boone. Did they take a survey to determine if Boone were offensive? Are these people, who are so offended, students, alumni, faculty?. Surprise, I did not receive a response.

    I urge everyone to continue the fight. They believe that they can wear us down and that we will quietly ride off into the sunset.

    As Dylan Thomas so eloquently put it “Do not go gentle into that good night”.

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  6. Someone needs to rubber stamp “Traitor” over DT BOT Chairmain Doug Scrivner’s photo.

    Funny how DU’s cute little “Mask Ban” has blown up into a full blown revolution.

    Take a look at the profiles of the people writing comments on Denver Boone’s Facebook Page over the past two weeks. It’s hundreds & hundreds of people from all walks of life. And it’s growing by the day.

    DU only has around 100,000 Alums. 80% of who have nothing to do with the University anymore. DU better come up with something quick or they’ll need to rebrand themselves as a Community College.


  7. Dr. Tuitt:

    It is my understanding that you are one of the authors of the policy to eliminate Boone from the DU campus. I refer you to the following letter:

    “ The presence of this unauthorized character is offensive to many, and represents potential risks to safety. Our leadership team is committed to developing procedures that ensure that our past decisions regarding mascots are respected.”

    This is an example of what I would refer to as academic indoctrination. Somehow you and your associates feel that you have the moral authority to pass judgement. Let me point out a few key points that you have failed to take into consideration:

    • The Boone character had been making appearances on campus and around the country since 2009, without a single safety incident.
    • In 2008, Chancellor Robert Coombes ruled that while Boone would not be the official mascot of the University, students and alumni could use Boone’s image “to the extent that they may choose”.
    • You mention that Boone is offensive to many. Exactly how many is “many”? Who are the “many”? Are they students, alumni, faculty, administrators? Did you conduct a survey? What were the results of your survey? Was the survey conducted by an independent organization?
    • There are over 100K DU alumni, did you contact a statistical relevant sampling of alumni to see how they felt about Boone?

    I have been a member of the DU community for 50 years. During most of that time, Boone was an integral part of the “DU spirit”. Now all of the sudden he is offensive? Perhaps he is only offensive to the DU faculty and administration who are perched in their ivory academic tower.

    Have you been to a hockey game lately? Have you seen the enthusiasm of the students when Boone makes an appearance?

    When I think about your actions, the first term that comes to mind is railroading. Here is how the Oxford dictionary defines that term:

    To force someone to do something before they have had enough time to decide whether or not they want to do it

    You and the DU administration continue to live in your academic cocoon. You believe you can make decisions in a vacuum. Underestimate the resolve of the DU community at your own risk. This battle is far from over.

    Miller Baird


  8. Almost everyone pictured above seems to be in violation of the Honor Code.


    “All members of the University of Denver are expected to uphold the values of Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility. These values embody the standards of conduct for students, faculty, staff, and administrators as members of the University community. Our institutional values are defined as:

    Integrity: acting in an honest and ethical manner;

    Respect: honoring differences in people, ideas, and opinions;

    Responsibility: accepting ownership for one’s own conduct.”


  9. “Acting in an honest and ethical manner”

    The manner in which they attempted to change our Pioneer name for Trailblazer without any knowledge of it’s alumni is not honest. Semi secret negotiations are not honest negotiations. Nor is it ethical conduct.
    Shame on you. ALL of you in the above chart.


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