BREAKING: DU Board Chair Doug Scrivner confirms that DU will keep Pioneer Nickname

DU Board Chair Doug Scrivner

Our Crimson and Gold-tinted nightmare appears to have made a major breakthrough: There will be no nickname change. According to University of Denver Board chair Doug Scrivner, ‘Pioneers’ is here to stay.

In an email reply to a concerned alumnus that Scrivner gave permission to share with everyone, and which we’ve quoted below, Scrivner explained that despite the recent controversy, the nickname will remain.

The University has also changed its web site:Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 5.44.05 PM

We now consider the Pioneer name officially “safe” for now.

Read Scrivner’s email below:“I want to be clear: the Board and the senior leadership of the University  have no plans, no efforts and no intentions of changing our nickname. We proudly claim the name Pioneers in all its dimensions. While our history, like that of all institutions, is complicated and reasonable minds can differ in their assessments, we will endeavor to continue to explore the good and the bad, but in all cases we will own and learn from our history. And being Pioneers is part of both our history and our future.”

You have been heard loud and clear. This is a great day for all members of the University of Denver community and at last, we start to move forward together, as Pioneers.