LetsGoDU’s Spiritual Founder Damien Goddard Travels to Denver for CC Series

Photo: In order to spread the word, Damien Goddard is flying Southwest Airlines on a 4-leg journey to Denver.

Its been a typical fast paced year for the LetsGoDU founder Damien Goddard. He has been growing his Houston business empire, traveling for months at a time to Australia and picking up the nuances of his newfound religion, Discordianism 501 (C)(3). Under his new faith, he celebrates the Goddess Eris and accepts that ‘order is a mere illusion and chaos rules’. Critical to his belief system is his ceremonial garb which must be worn at all public events according to church doctrine.

Pope Card
Goddard’s Discordianism card provides legal proof of membership.

Goddard, a man who deeply guards his privacy, has not been seen in public since his recent conversion to Discordianism late last year but we were able to get this most recent photo from the Texas DMV:

Damien Goddard 3

Despite the uncomfortable head cover, Goddard says he has been “welcomed with open arms” wherever he goes. Prior to his departure, all Goddard would say is, “I am looking forward to sharing my newfound passion with my friends in Denver and, especially, visiting Magness Arena. Hail Eris – and, go Pioneers!”

His office released the following schedule of events for Mr. Goddard’s visit:

Goddard Schedule