Leftovers & Loose Ends

There are lots of things happening with DU athletics. Here are some things you may have missed:

  • The DU Ski team is on a mission this winter. They are seeking redemption from last season’s heartbreaking final day when the championship slipped away. They won the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association (RMISA) Championship this past weekend – surprisingly, the first time in 11 seasons. LetsGoDU will be live in Steamboat in two weeks to follow the Pioneers when they go for their 24th national championship.


  • Denver men’s basketball secured the #3 seed for the Summit League Tournament. This is the Pioneers highest seed since joining the Summit League. They take on a tall Oral Roberts squad in their first game and then, likely, South Dakota in the semifinals.


  • Remember DU’s forgettable jelly donut logo (1999-2006)?

Jelly Donut

The firm that that developed the awful red-tailed hawk logo, Adrenalin,  is at it again. They have now launched a redesign of the UNLV logo, ‘Hey Reb!’ and the new design has been met by nearly universal disapproval. One UNLV fan claims that the new logo looks like a pile of laundry. However, it looks like a red tailed cowboy to us.

UNLVs New Logo


  • LetsGoDU will again be reporting live from St. Paul for this year’s NCHC Frozen Faceoff March 16th-17th. Nick Tremaroli will be grabbing free food in the press box and reporting live from the tournament.

Frozen Faceoff 2018


  • In case you missed it, Puck Swami wrote about DU’s five Olympians. Troy Terry made a herculean effort to return for the St Cloud State game following USA hockey’s Olympic loss. Terry performed well on the world stage and promoted US hockey, Colorado and DU while in Pyeongchang. But the biggest winner was DU Pioneer Leif Haugen who took home a bronze medal for his native Norway.


  • #12 Women’s gymnastics continues to perform at a high-level despite a number of injuries this season. DU had a surprise tie with #6 Michigan this past week – each with 196.575 points.


  • Denver continues to offer the wildly successful tire roll again this season at lacrosse games. At halftime, following the Denver Dancers and the Shake-Your-Jelly  dance contest, the tire roll was featured at Peter Barton Stadium. A spectator, Patrick, missed his first roll but delivered on his second roll to win a $100 tire coupon. The event was perhaps the highlight of the afternoon as DU lacrosse thoroughly dominated the Vikings.

tire roll 4

  • In hockey, as we near the NCHC Tournament, Denver may not have seen the last of the Colorado College Tigers. Denver currently sits as the #2 seed and the Tigers sit in the #7th seed heading into the final weekend of regular season play. The rivalry between the two teams is heating up. And, a confluence of events collided in the historic photo below when a now-famous dancer, Stormy Daniels, donned a “CC Sucks” T-shirt for a LetsGoDU event in Houston 11 years ago. From all accounts, she knows what she talks about…


  • On a more wholesome note, LetsGoDU is requesting all readers to buy their Easter flowers at Bonnie Brae flowers on Evans Avenue. We love their style!

Bonnie Brae Flowers

15 thoughts on “Leftovers & Loose Ends”

  1. Hoop dreams: We beat Oral. Upset South Dakota who we did beat earlier this season.. Now on National TV versus most likely SDSU. Win and we dance. Lose and we go to the NIT?
    Hockey dreams and preferences: I don’t want to play CC in first round of NCHC playoffs. I’m bored with CC. Love to see the Sioux not get 1st round home ice. Better yet, The Sioux lose to this weekend, make no run in conference tournament, and end up not in NCAA tournament. They are bubbling themselves. My Sioux stinks theory: We fans know most of their players, reason being, they have played for ND for years. House hold name players who stay for 4 years are not good enough to go NHL. ND just isn’t that talented.
    More hockey: We get sent to the Midwest regional in balmy city of Allentown, Pa. One hour drive from home via I-78 and 1 exit away from the Sands Casino.

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    1. I only disagree with one of your dreams. I hope DU faces CC and breaks the series tie for the season. Who wants to go the rest of the year being tied with the kitties. That would be a disaster.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Household name players who stay 4 years are not good enough for the NHL?

      That is fucking stoooopid!!

      I got a name for ya:
      Will Butcher


  2. God, so much goodness packed into one little article – Pio Olympic medals, riveting tire rolls and Stormy Daniels in a ‘CC sucks’ shirt.

    This is why I’m a DU fan!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I will have to check out Bonnie Brae flowers sometime…tho I note that it is not located in Bonnie Brae! Confusing to my membrane.

    Glad to hear that LetsGoDu will be up in Steamboat for the ski championships. Looks like our alpine team should be strong. That collapse by the cross country team last year was never explained. The coach of the nordic team (Stewart) has much redemption to do this year. Otherwise, I wonder if he will officially be on the hot seat.

    Congrats to Haugen on the medal! That is awesome. I enjoyed the stories on the Norwegian Viking skiers during the Olympics. Haugen and the Norwegians rock.

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  4. Summit League. I live with it, but imagine us as a power in the League. So few DU fans want to go to Sioux Falls for 4 days. A lot of us went to Vegas a few years back and we go upset in the first round of the WAC Tournament. Still, we had a great time because we were in Vegas. The Flaming girls paid Boone to have their picture taken with him on the strip.


  5. Speaking of loose ends–it’s quite possible that I missed an article here. But I don’t remember seeing any discussion about the Goodman hockey coach endowment. My first impression was that this is a major deal for the DU hockey program. Does it potentially mean that money won’t be much of a factor in DU’s retention or hiring of a hockey coach?

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    1. Good question, Someone. We are in the process of organizing an interview with the Goodman’s. Hopefully, we can get more details. Hopefully, as you State, this will allow Denver to hire and retain top-notch coaching talent.


  6. When I read DU’s article, I missed the fact that Jim Montgomery is the FIRST RECIPIENT. Thanks to the Goodmans and Congrats to Monty.


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