LetsGoDU live from St. Paul, Minnesota for NCHC Frozen Faceoff

It worked last year so we are doing it again this season. LetsGoDU’s Nick Tremaroli will be covering the NCHC Frozen Faceoff live from the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Nick is on his way at the moment and will be providing press conference coverage, game coverage and reporting on all things Denver Hockey during this important weekend.

St Paul Minnesota 5

The fun starts Friday night at 6:30 MT as #4 DU takes on #8 University of Minnesota-Duluth. Keep a close eye on LetsGoDU for the latest developments this weekend.

12 thoughts on “LetsGoDU live from St. Paul, Minnesota for NCHC Frozen Faceoff”

  1. Nick. Have a great trip. I’m sure the conglomerate which owns LetsGoDu.com does not have you on Greyhound or Amtrak. Your work is cut out for you. You need to find us great hotels and bars for the Frozen Four. Also tell us team hotel, for some might want to stay there. Looking forward to your articles. Update on whether McClellan will play or not? Get friendly with Dave Starman. He loves us. He loves Boone and Whiteboard. Let him know Boone and Whiteboard will give his wife Cheryse exclusive interviews at future games.



  2. All DU did for ticket information was a link to the NCHC site. Seeing how bad they messed up with the Frozen Four last year, that is probably a good thing. Wonder if any plans are in the works for this year?


    1. Actually, all ticket requests were honored for last season’s FF in Chicago by DU. I would guess less demand this year in St Paul vs Chicago. We’ll have to see. I would expect the same on-site showing this year – pep band, cheerleaders, pre-party, etc…DU set a high bar in Chicago but lots of Twin City alumni so I am anticipating a great event if we can get there. If/when we advance we will be doing write-ups on DU’s plans.

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      1. 5bwest, with eh Boone drama on campus and the Pioneer nickname drama, and alumni saying they won’t contribute to DU, “take me off the mailing list,” will alumni now back down from the threats and donate to get a seat if the team goes to the final four?


  3. But for last year’s final four in Chicago didn’t you have to be a member of some donating group or make a $250(?) donation to get seats in the DU section in the lower level?
    Do you think people will make such a donation this year? I doubt it.


    1. Those of us who like to sit in the DU section will still donate if we want to attend the games. And yes, Chicago was a blast last year, although I prefer the warmth of Tampa. To the anonymous poster who said I’m not a true Pioneer fan if I don’t know my way around Minneapolis; that comment was idiotic. Few travel from the east coast for NCHC or WCHC playoffs. In fact, I don’t know anyone who does that. Maybe I just hang with the wrong group. Mr. Anonymous, how about chipping in some money for Boone travel expenses.


      1. Don’t know very many who travel from Denver for the league playoffs or NCAA regionals, either, if they are beyond a days drive (which most of them are over the years).

        If the Pioneers do make it back to St. Paul for the NCAA Frozen Four, I would expect about 500-1000 Pioneer fans to be there. That’s worth flying in for….

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