Startling Resemblance Stirs Up Stormy Past

Photo: CC player has a striking resemblance to the composite sketch

The Stormy Daniels story surfaced again this past week when she presented a composite sketch of a man who she states threatened her not to divulge her past liaison with President Donald Trump.

One has to wonder if there also may be a connection to Colorado College. As we reported, Miss Daniels was provided with a “CC Sucks” T-shirt to model in Houston in 2007. Surely, this raised the ire of Colorado College fans. See the picture below.


And now, after careful research, we have identified a startling similarity between Colorado College junior hockey defenseman Andrew Farny and the man shown in the composite sketch. While we believe it is highly unlikely that Mr. Farny perpetrated the threat, he would have been 15 at the time of the incident, the similarity is certainly striking.

3 thoughts on “Startling Resemblance Stirs Up Stormy Past”

  1. Dennis, think of LGDU as more like the Harvard Lampoon. Slightly below the belt humor which is not hurtful gets a pass in my eyes. LGDU is not a DU publication. I know 2 of the people at the Stormy shoot, and they report she is real and outstanding.🤓🤓


  2. Speaking as the man in the photograph:
    1) to Dennis: “ahhh lighten up Francis”
    2) re Stormy: “They are real and they are spectacular”
    3) CC sucks


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