Reports: Jim Montgomery to the Dallas Stars

RDS in Canada is reporting that Jim Montgomery will be joining the Dallas stars as their next head coach. Several weeks ago we reported in a LetGoDU article, Chasing Monty,  the interest in Montgomery by both the New York Rangers and the Dallas Stars. Interest continued to heat up over the past week as numerous blogs reported a growing interest in Montgomery by both clubs. Apparently, the deal from the Dallas Stars came together over the last 24 hours and will be announced shortly.

Over the past five years, Montgomery guided the Pioneers to a 125–57–26, highlighted by a National Championship the 2016-2017 season.

Jim Montgomery will succeed Ken Hitchcock who announced his retirement once the season for the Stars was completed.

Once the deal is finalized and announced, LetsGoDU will provide further details.

192 thoughts on “Reports: Jim Montgomery to the Dallas Stars”

  1. Greg Cronin could be an interesting name who might have interest. Associate coach for the Islanders, assistant for the Maple Leafs, coaches at Northeastern (a somewhat similar school to DU) and has a connection to Colorado as he was an assistant at CC.

    1. Cronin is an asshole who alienates everyone. I would never want him to coach at DU…

  2. havent had an alum as HC in forever – it’s time. carle or dineen, only two candidates really.

    1. there’s actually never been an alumnus serve as head coach so, yeah, probably time to change that!

      1. would rather have the best coach than someone who’s an alum; if everything else is a tie, sure, give it to the alum but that should never be a primary factor

  3. I personally think that Monty should kind of just shut up about who his successor is. Leaving the program after just five years, and trying to shove his personal preference for a successor down DU’s throat, is NOT a good look.

  4. would be cool to have three alums coaching the school’s top 3 sports when tierney retires and brown takes over; billups doing good things with bball, carle can do the same for hockey

    1. not sure hoops is no. 3 – skiing has had way more success and soccer/gymnastics are more popular at the moment

    2. BBall has never been shit at DU. That program is, and has always been, like 7th rate. My trumpet recital at Lamont when I was a kid had more attendance than a DU hoops game.

      1. Expect a few more changes under Billups before the season starts – I think you might like the product better. And, actually, Joe Scott had several 20 win seasons that were better than your trumpet recital – and better attended.

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