Neighborhood uproar forces CC to alter practice facility plans

Photo: The Revised Robson Hockey Arena

Colorado College’s new Robson Hockey Arena was originally scheduled to begin construction on the Colorado Springs Campus this summer. The facility, with up to 900 seats, was intended as a new on-campus practice facility for the Colorado College Hockey team. However, many neighbors in the tony Old North End neighborhood opposed the proposed facility. The parties agreed to a more toned down facility, more in keeping with the neighborhood architecture and scale.

A former Colorado College hockey player Edward J. Robson ’54 gave an $8 million gift to the college to build a new practice arena which was seen by many locals as not in keeping with the current scale and design of existing neighborhood residences and buildings.

Some students and athletes are disappointed in the new ‘down-scaled’ practice facility from the more lavish facility shown above.

Originally, in order to make room for Robson Arena, the plans called for the demolition of the CC Inn and a small building at the corner of Dale Street and Nevada Avenue. While some argued these buildings are blighted, the new rink will be situated in a side yard adjacent to the CC Inn. Neighbors agreed that the chillers and ice maintenance equipment would be allowed in a 10′ x 10′ TuffShed adjacent to the new facility. The roof, seating, and locker rooms have been eliminated from the new arena plans.

Best Barns New Castle 16x12 Wood Storage Shed
This TuffShed design was approved by the Colorado Springs historical Society and Colorado Springs Zoning Board for ice making machinery and the Zamboni.

Once completed, the varsity hockey team will move from the Honnen Ice Arena practice facility to the new outdoor rink. In addition, intramural teams, the club hockey teams, and the club figure skating team will use the new facility.

No word yet on Colorado College plans for the remaining balance from Robson’s $8 million dollar gift.