Freshmen Arrive & Fall Quarter Begins

Photo: Orientation has begun for incoming freshman

While fall sports are well underway, University of Denver freshmen have arrived on campus and the beginning of Fall Quarter is less than a week away. Best of luck to the Class of 2022 from LetsGoDU!

7 thoughts on “Freshmen Arrive & Fall Quarter Begins”

  1. You’re allowed to refer to them as freshmen? Way back in the day in the fall of ‘91 at CC, we were explicitly told that we were “first-years” and it was made clear to us that we shouldn’t use the term, “freshman” because it had the word, “man” in it.


    1. I am sure you are right Dan. Luckily, we are not PC at LetsGoDU. It does seem that Athletics is the last group to still use the term ‘freshmen’ on a regular basis.

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      1. I had an English Lit prof there who insisted we spell the word, woman with a y: “womyn” And they wonder why I’m not inclined to break out my wallet every time they come calling for a donation to the school.

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  2. Back when I was studying and colleges were dominated by “classical liberalism” we could at least be open about our dissenting opinions and for the most part have honest, engaging discussion. It has gone so far beyond anything reasonable in that it is risky to openly hold conservative or even contrarian views on campus. Reign in the extreme SJW nonsense and return to a place for exchanging/challenging of ideas and I’ll return to donating and purchasing tickets. Love the athletics, don’t like how political the school has become. Go Pios!

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