Denver Hockey Game #3 Thread: Denver vs. Alaska Fairbanks

You may have noticed a new commenting system on the site. We felt that a new system would foster better, more active dialogue and interaction among readers. As part of this process, we’re rolling out a new feature: Game Threads. The idea is to give readers a way to interact before, during, and after games in the comment section. We added the Disqus commenting system which we think you will find offers a much better, easier to follow format. And with the new format, you’ll be able to much more easily reply to specific comments and easily follow along with conversations with fellow fans. You’ll note that this is a massive improvement over the format we used to have.

With the new system, you can still interact anonymously but as always, we ask that you interact respectfully and thoughtfully. We all love DU! This will serve as our first-ever Gameday thread. In each of these posts, we will include pertinent gameday details like where to watch/listen to the game. And, assuming we’re “on top of things” enough, we will update these posts with line charts and other details as they become available closer to game time.

Denver vs. Alaska Fairbanks Game Thread

Puck drop: 7:07 PM MT
Venue: Magness Arena – Tickets
TV: Altitude/
Radio: ESPN Denver 1600 AM

Weekend Preview:

8 thoughts on “Denver Hockey Game #3 Thread: Denver vs. Alaska Fairbanks”

  1. Cool idea and here’s to game-day threads.

    This UAF team is not very good, and the Pios should win both games at home. Will be interesting to see how well DU follows up on last weekend’s success, and if they can start to reduce the penalties.

  2. I also want to see the student turnout. I have to say that this is the most active DU student section I have seen in recent years. DU whiteboard is doing a great job keeping up the spirit -and it makes the entire arena a lot more enjoyable.

    1. Student turnout is often pretty good before the ski mountains open. The challenge is keeping it going over the rest of the season. I love the job the Whiteboard crew is doing, and the next level is always getting more vocal support from the students which can translate to the rest of our mellow fans.

  3. Should we expect platooning at goalie this year, or is Cooley essentially going to be the guy?

    1. It’s too unsettled right now. Larsson was to be the starter and he’s out for while. Cooley is the man now, and so far he’s been better than expected for a walk-on who probably didn’t think he’d see much playing time this year.

  4. Slow start for Denver the first 8 minutes but a solid last 10 minutes in the period using their speed and transition.

  5. Pios got the job done with 3 goals in a 2:10 span in the first en route to a 4-1 win over UAF. DU had about 40 SOG and Cooley also saved a third period penalty shot. DU was better team for 45 of the 60 minutes tonight.

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