Denver Hockey Game #7 Thread: Denver vs. St. Cloud State

Denver vs. St. Cloud State Game Thread:

Puck drop: 6:07 PM MT
Venue: Herb Brooks National Hockey Center
Radio: ESPN Denver 1600 AM

Weekend Preview:

Tonight’s lines:

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49 thoughts on “Denver Hockey Game #7 Thread: Denver vs. St. Cloud State”

  1. Pios surprised them in the 1st period, but seemed to have slowed down after Cloudies tied and then after SCSU’s 4th didn’t feel the grit or confidence to come back except for a very brief flurry. Bottom line Cloudies were the better team tonight.

  2. This is the Pios’ first real test this season. The offense is going to have to try to keep the puck as far away from Cooley as possible. St. Cloud is far too talented to spend much time in the defensive zone.

    1. Stop criticizing Cooley. Do you think Ron Grahame was any better in his first 8 games? He wasn’t. Ron actually let in a 100 ft. shot that was going maybe 5 MPH by the time he misplayed it with no player within 50 ft. of him at home nonetheless.

  3. Love to see Guttman open the scoring after the drama last year. Sometimes the story just writes itself!

  4. By the way, for those tuning in over here, I heard that Filip Larsson is expected back sometime in December.

  5. Denver looks surprisingly comfortable on the big ice, at least in the offensive zone. With all this room to work, they’re finding a lot of time and space. I’m impressed with how that first period went. 2-1 is a pleasant surprise.

  6. Got my feed back! DU lucky to be up 2-1. Can’t give up 14 shots in a period and expect to win. Pios need to get more puck possession and stay out of the box…

    1. Now is a great time to get it going on the power play. Not sure what exactly Schuldt is arguing…

    1. Pios doing themselves absolutely no favors tonight in that department. Putting a lot of pressure on the kill

    1. He’s been playing well up until tonight. Loss of confidence maybe. Pios blue line needs to puck him up until Larsson is healthy in December

  7. I think the long change is hurting the Pios this period. They’re struggling to clear pucks and tired legs are giving the huskies good looks. Gotta survive this period and get to the 3rd tied.

  8. Cooley has given up a couple goals that most scholarship goalies would have had, But DU isn’t helping the situation – not moving feet and taking dumb stick penalties will kill you against good teams like SCSU…

  9. Cloudie announcers talked about Sinuhe Wallinheimo doing push ups after each DU goal.( How much does goalie equipment weigh ?) Hadn’t heard that story before/

  10. Huskies trying to give Denver a chance to get back into this with another penalty of their own……

  11. For the times that Cooley has looked uncomfortable, he has made a few really really big saves tonight.

  12. 7:33 left. DU lucky to be down a goal. SCSU has the best skating team I’ve seen so far this year…

  13. First game against a good team and DU loses, 4-3. SCSU was the better team for about 75% of the game tonight, and deserved the win, badly outshooting the Pios 58-32, and out-working DU for large chunks of the game. DU’s penalty problems and goaltending issues were exposed. Need some adjustments to have a chance at a split tomorrow….

    1. This is a good loss for a young team to take. Lots to learn from but still a good confidence builder. They were outplayed for 75% of the game but they still had a chance. If Larsson is half as good as advertised, Denver could have one hell of a 2nd half

      1. I would agree, Cooley gave up a couple of bad goals that Larsson would likely save, and there is a big part of your difference. That said, SCSU really won so many of the puck battles tonight to draw those bad DU penalties, and DU’s feet were often not moving as much as they needed to move…

  14. In other DU news, DU women’s soccer is getting crushed 3-0 vs Arizona in Tuscon with about 10 min left, DU Volleyball beat WIU, 3-1 and DU women’s hoops is beating UMKC in the home opener 86-67 with about 2:45 left in the game…

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