7 thoughts on “Denver Hockey Game #10 Thread: Denver vs. Minnesota Duluth”

  1. Pioneers are going to need to find a way to get more puck possession to have a chance at the sweep tonight. It starts with better breakouts, puck support and being able to carry the puck into the UMD zone. DU does not have the size to dump-and-chase against a heavy UMD team. And Cooley will likely have to stand on his head again…

  2. Great opening period from Denver. Turned the tables and took advantage of a lethargic Bulldogs team. Not exactly what you expected after last night, but no one is complaining.

  3. UMD rebounded that period and started to push back but Cooley continues to look really good. Denver is on the verge of sweeping the #1 team in the country as a result

  4. Although I fully expect this year to have some growing pains, this was a promising weekend. A nice playoff run isn’t out of the picture if they can skate like they have tonight and continue to get this superb goaltending. Still need to finish these last ~10 minutes however

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