North Dakota series goes to the dogs

A  photo published by the Grand Forks Herald has put the University of North Dakota in hot water. An alert reader examined a published photo (above)  of a corridor in Ralph Engelstad Arena. Closer examination showed a poster on the door leading into the UND hockey locker room. The poster states, “Beat DU or…we will paddle this pup” with a picture of a distraught dog. The alert reader sent a copy of the poster to the Grand Forks ASPCA and the Grand Forks Herald.

North Dakota Pup
The poster paid homage to one of National Lampoon’s famous covers

While the dog pictured looks remarkably like head coach Brad Berry’s dog – Dudley, all Berry would say was, “I did not personally put the poster up.”

While the Herald research team could not find any direct connection to the poster between Berry and his staff, they were able to unearth an old photo which proves Berry actually may have played ping pong in the past.

ping pong
Incriminating photo shows a young Berry with ping pong paddle.

Hawks fans had mixed reactions to the poster.

Betty Rable, a season ticket holder from Mohall, North Dakota said, “The boys need to step up their game. The power play needs to improve. As long as it’s not my hunting dog, let ’em do what it takes to beat Denver.”

Image result for old lady in a chair
Rable sees the poster as a much needed ‘motivational tool’ for the Fighting Hawks.

Ned Bierstedt from Turtle Lake had a different reaction. “It’s must be a set-up. It’s pheasant season. Nobody plays ping pong up here. If a local made this poster, it would be a shotgun instead of a paddle.”

Image result for old man plaid shirt
Bierstedt: “Ping pong is for city folk.”

Denver faces the Fighting Hawks in Grand Forks on Friday, December 7th and Saturday, December 8th.


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  1. The Ralph–A learning experience for our Frosh. Don’t know if they’ve watched the pummeling of Brandon Vossburg, the gopher-Fightin in the handshake line or the famous Dancer Dance and stroll across the ice by Gwoz. I feel confident something unusual will happen especially considering last week’s free for all with UMD. 119 penalty minutes for the weekend which included 2 game misconducts in each game. Not surprisingly Todd Anderson was the ref.

      1. True, there is only one. We figure our posts are one of the few things that would actually bolster his image.

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