Old North End neighbors fight CC’s new arena plans

A pitched battle is heating up in the Springs. What appeared to be a project to build a small hockey practice facility on the CC campus has morphed into a full-blown on-campus arena. The upscale Old North End Neighborhood is not happy about the sleight of hand by Colorado College leadership.

The announcement of the new Robson Arena was made before consulting with neighbors.

Babs  Laustin (CC, ’37), a long time resident along North Cascade Avenue, spoke exclusively to LetsGoDU. “I had my people call CC President Jill Tiefenthaler. The traffic will be terrible – and we moved up here to stay away from the ‘townies’.”

“Saturday nights are for Yahtzee – not hockey.”

Said Mrs. Laustin, “Even though Jill assured us that the new arena seating plan would cull the area of uneducated types, I am not convinced!”

Henry ‘Toby’ Harden III, an investment banker, calls the plan “incompatible with the pristine nature of the neighborhood. Foot traffic will play havoc with our rose beds. Plus, our chow chow, Princess, does not do well with crowds.”

“Maybe a tennis center or an equestrian center. Hockey will bring ‘riff-raff’ into the neighborhood'”, says Mr. Harden

Marbe McCallister, President of Old End North Neighborhood Association, is concerned with the parking around North Nevada Avenue. “The CC Administration has assured us there will be no impact. Well, there is not enough parking now.”

The Association has purchased property adjacent to CC President Tiefenthaler’s home to build a potential parking garage. “Turnabout is fair play. We’ll be taking this plan to zoning next month.”

Zoning illustration proposes a parking garage behind Tiefenthaler’s home (left)
“We don’t even hire people from North Dakota to trim our hedges. Now, they will be on our sidewalks” said an exasperated McCallister.

Other neighbors even question the University’s long-term commitment to hockey. One resident who wished to remain anonymous said, “With (Head Coach) Haviland at the helm, they can’t be serious.”

Denver faces Colorado College this upcoming Friday night at the Broadmoor World Arena at 7:30 pm MT.