Denver Hockey Game #21 Rivalry Thread: Denver vs Colorado College

#3 Denver (14-4-2) vs Colorado College (8-12-2) Game Thread:

Puck drop: 7:07 PM MT
Venue: Magness Arena
TV: Altitude2/
Radio: 104.3 The Fan FM

Weekend Preview and In-Game Reading:

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3 thoughts on “Denver Hockey Game #21 Rivalry Thread: Denver vs Colorado College”

  1. Facebook reports Friday’s game postponed due to poor travel conditions for the Pioneers. Roads were pretty nasty south of 470 today.

  2. Maybe i have been watching too too much South Park, but
    Facebook reports the team is stuck on highway 83?
    I smell another Republican-Russkie conspiracy. I hope that the team is ok and not stuck in a prison camp with Commander Bucher down near Pueblo. C’mon, its from Facebook. Its from Hwy 83, deep in the heart of the Aryan-Theocracy of El Paso County… We know they hate hockey down there (CC!) since football is the only true sport.
    I hope we get to see them in person tonight!

  3. While the DU comeback from a two-goal deficit and the extra standings point from the shootout feel somewhat nice for the home fans, the Pioneers were quite inconsistent tonight, and full credit to CC for skating hard and taking advantage of what DU gave them. DU’s goaltending tonight was substandard tonight, giving up 4 goals on 15 shots, Larsson gave up two softies he’d like to have back, and he wasn’t helped by some poor DU penalty killing by the Pios, either. But Trey Bradley is a senior who has always plays well against DU and he has pride in what he does.

    Les Lancaster also needs to not take that 5-minute game misconduct, either. We can argue about whether or not it should have been a five and game, but you just have to pull up more when you are in that situation, so that you don’t leave such a decision up to the refs. Playing with 5 d-men puts a lot of odd rotations out there, and DU looked lost for the rest of that period.

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