Crimson & Gold Show: Episode 4

The #3 Denver Pioneers had Friday’s game postponed due to weather before tying with archrival Colorado College and earning the extra point for the NCHC standings on Saturday thanks to freshman Brett Stapley’s shootout goal and Filip Larsson’s save. Denver is riding an 8-game unbeaten streak featuring 7 straight regulation NCAA wins before last night’s tie/win. The bottom line is Denver is playing good hockey with the stretch run looming.

After a two month absence (thanks, hockey schedulers!), the Crimson & Gold Show featuring Magness Mayhem’s Chris Bayee and me is back! Chris and I discuss how Denver has played over the past couple of months and offer a preview of the next few weeks of hockey for the Pioneers. Listen below! Apologies for the background sounds…the great operations staff at Magness Arena was converting the ice to hardwood for today’s women’s basketball game and that process is quite noisy.

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One thought on “Crimson & Gold Show: Episode 4”

  1. Two month Vacation–too bad paying jobs don’t have the same benefits
    Seriously, resilience is getting to be watchword for this team. And that quality is valuable and can’t be ignored.. If I may paraphrase Chris,” Heart Attack Hockey” that’s when 11 of 21 games (52%) end in a tie or with a 1 goal difference. .Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing more wins by 3 goals or more..

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