Top 10 things that prove North Dakotans were in Denver

10. The 3:00 p.m. supper rush at Perkins
9. At Magness Arena, a woman was caught with a six-pack in her hair
8. More empty Skoal cans on University area sidewalks than ice
7. Fire marshal  shuts down Cabela’s
6. Due to the warmer Colorado weather, motorists switched their hunting dogs to the truck bed and put their kids in the cab.
5. Eight weddings scheduled at Buffalo Bill’s grave
4. First-ever Casa Bonita 5-star food review on Yelp
3. Duck blind discovered at Smith Lake at Washington Park
2. Denver area women sent to hospital with repetitive motion injuries from ‘swiping left’
1. Bass boat found in Denver Country Club swimming pool

One thought on “Top 10 things that prove North Dakotans were in Denver”

  1. I have a friend from North Dakota (don’t worry, he went to NDSU and can’t stand the Fighting Postal Service either). I showed him the list and here’s what he said: “10, 9, 7, 4, 3, and 1 are reasonable.” Hope this provides some verification.

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