Women’s Tennis buoyed by Founder’s presence

Sure, it was a loss to Rice (4-3) and a win against Minnesota (6-1) but the highlight of the weekend for DU Women’s Tennis was off the court. The DU women’s tennis team was in awe when meeting LetsGoDU founder Damien Goddard in his corporate headquarter town of Houston.

Goddard holding court

The Pioneer legend witnessed the Pioneers first-hand against Rice and Minnesota – and provided tennis tips along the way. Goddard was known for a vicious backhand as a student at DU.

Some second hand reports state that some team members were moved to tears – not with the loss to Rice or the big win against Minnesota but with the opportunity to meet the Texas icon.

Goddard invited the team to visit Houston again. And his thought about the weekend? “I can’t believe they fly coach.”

4 thoughts on “Women’s Tennis buoyed by Founder’s presence”

  1. As a tennis alumnus myself I’m very glad to see other alumni such as Goddard and Honig continue to be so involved with the teams and the rest of DU athletics. These folks embody the spirit of “Pioneers” in the truest sense!

    1. Add Jason Evans to the list, too. He is a huge supporter of men’s and women’s tennis – as well as other sports, too.

  2. Jason Evans is also a huge supporter of tennis. He has moved to Denver from Atlanta and made a huge effort to cover tennis. He’s a good Facebook follow.

  3. DU Women’s Tennis has already crushed a number of brand name schools this year – Oregon, Wisconsin, Colorado, BYU, and Minnesota all have fallen to the Pios. Keep up the good work. We’re watching..

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