University Park neighborhood slammed by “Bomb Cyclone”

“Maybe the 7-11?” the student asked me, his disappointment clearly there upon seeing the Conoco and University and Asbury would not be opening.

Don’t count on any gas or hot pockets from the Conoco today my friends

As a long-time consumer of that Conoco both as a student and now as a (sorta) adult I was feeling his pain.

The “bomb cyclone” that pummeled the Plains and Rockies Wednesday took direct aim at DU and the off-campus area as well.

At midday nothing was open – the employees of the Ramen House stayed in their houses, Mustard’s made their last stand.

And with heavy wind gusts (measured at 80mph at Denver International Airport) and the consistent snowfall from the morning in, few could blame them.

Even in the midst of a historic blizzard, some priorities remain the same

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a walk around and ask people “why the heck are you outside right now?”

Especially as DU canceled classes and many employees just worked from home.

“I don’t know,” one guy walking by Bruegger’s told me “I work at a liquor store in Englewood, I think I’m going to call out.”

Not the worst idea, although maybe I would have faked that cough and picked up the phone a tad earlier while still at home.

Apparently not everyone around DU hated the weather today.

One student I posed the question to couldn’t even form a sentence his face seemed to be so frozen. He said something about trying to get to his car.

All kidding aside, this was a very serious storm. As of this writing, Nederland was seeing close to 18 inches, all runways at DIA were shut down, and the National Guard had to be activated in El Paso County to get to stranded motorists.

And most tragically the storm claimed the life of a state trooper who was killed while helping a driver who had slid off the road. While he was assisting, another vehicle lost control and hit him. He was later pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Our deepest condolences to his loved ones.

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  1. Multiple power outages on DU campus from the storm impacted 300 students.

    The spaces impacted are in the apartments along York Street (Lynn Marie, Ridgeline, Summit, Mesa, University Place, University Lofts), including the Transfer Living Community and Lambda Chi.

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