Houston industrialist shares past, looks to bright future

Damien Goddard (left) got an early start Saturday before a busy day of tennis and hockey.

Buffeted by headwinds from the bomb-cyclone, Houston entrepreneur (and LetsGoDU founder) Damien Goddard jetted to Colorado Friday night and toured the University of Denver campus today to see new facilities and evaluate progress.

“No job is too small – especially when you are reaching for the stars.” said the corporate titan

The highlight of the day included a visit to the new $15 million dollar Denver Tennis Park. Once there,  he feted the women’s tennis team with tournament stories and shared his ‘Australian grip’ with eager student-athletes. Goddard reminisced about his days on grass and clay playing with his childhood idols Laver, Emerson and Newcombe  – and the rigors of tournament play.

Eager student-athletes were mesmerized by the subtle nuance of the Australian grip demonstrated by Goddard.

Following a practice that replaced the canceled match between the University of Denver and South Dakota, Goddard challenged Head Coach Christian Bass and Associate Head Coach David Loewenthal to continue to push the 11-3 Pioneers to even greater heights. “Sure, beating Power 5 schools like Oregon, Wisconsin and Colorado this season is great – but why not win it all!”

Goddard addressed DU women’s tennis team which have won 20 of their last 21 games, “You must give it your all everyday.”

And his thoughts about DU women’s tennis? “They are the real deal. Just go watch one match and you will be hooked.”

Goddard retired to his hotel to freshen up for tonight’s second playoff game between the University of North Dakota and DU.

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