UMass-Amherst announces Frozen Four watch parties

Photo: Alumni Bruno & Melinda Russo are hosting a watch party at their Staten Island home.

Denver already announced their watch parties around the country for this weekend’s Frozen Four in Buffalo, NY. UMass-Amherst alumni just released their home watch parties around the nation. Here is a rundown:

  • Atlanta, GA – Trinity Wentworth
“We call our home ‘Flagship South’. My 96 year-old husband, Wayne, is incapacitated but my 24 year-old tennis coach and I will co-sponsor the watch party.”
  • South Boston/SoBo – Mikey and Kevin O’Halloran
Brothers Mikey and Kevin O’Halloran are hosting a watch party at My Diner in South Boston. Throwing dice and a tough man competition will be held at 5:00 pm behind the diner before the game.
  • Back Bay/Beacon Hill – William and Babs Thornhill
“We know it’s gauche, but our invitations say ‘UMass Amherst’ – we certainly don’t want any Lowell people here.”
  • Denver, CO – Robert and Page Star
“We want our fellow Minutemen to feel at home. We are serving Rocky Mountain Oysters and they can wash it down with Massachusetts’ best – Brubaker beer.”
  • San Francisco, CA – Lori Loughlin and Massimo Giannulli
“We didn’t go to college there but our daughters are looking to transfer. We donated to the Minuteman Scholarship fund and here we are – hosts.”

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