Final Phase I Project of the Denver Advantage underway with Leo Block Demolition

After a late start, The Burwell Center for Career Achievement is finally under construction after overcoming several zoning technicalities. The new facility will house Career Services, act as a resource for corporate relations and engagement and provide as a gathering place for alumni and alumni relations. The new facility is being built at the intersection of Asbury Avenue and South Gaylord Street, replacing the former Leo Block Alumni Center.

Burwell Center

Photo: The Burwell Center for Career Achievement will cover 23,000 square feet and meet energy requirements to achieve LEED Platinum designation. In addition to interview spaces and offices, the building will have a guest patio and living room for visitors to the DU campus.

Leo Block 5

Photo: The former Leo Block building occupied prime real estate, across from the Ritchie Center.  

The Dimond Family Residential Village (dorms) and Student Commons (Student Union/Support Services) construction began several months ago while The Burwell Center for Career Achievement faced delays.

Largely modular, the construction of the new facility will be completed relatively quickly with an expected opening the fall of 2020.

3 thoughts on “Final Phase I Project of the Denver Advantage underway with Leo Block Demolition”

  1. I’m sorry, but the caption above is part of what is wrong with DU. The photo doesn’t appear to show a hugely attractive building (maybe it will look better in person)—but it is LEED certified! The incoming DU classes are good, though apparently not good enough to prevent DU from falling to 96 in national rankings. But they are diverse!! And the bigger new project under construction–jury’s still out on how it will look…but DU promises it will be inviting and inclusive!! LEED certifications, diverse classes, and inclusive buildings are great, but they should be footnotes, not the headlines. I do hope the new chancellor has a different and more practical approach.

  2. I think the new career center/alumni center are practical additions to campus. The same for the dorms – especially with the shortage of accommodations for freshmen. As for the non-value-added distractions, I think most people would agree that DU that needs to focus on their ‘value proposition’ with less time spent fanning the flames of discontent and social injustice. We’ll get another glimpse of DU’s relative performance when US News comes out with their latest University rankings this fall.

  3. Looking forward to Phase 2 where we’ll see more investment into the sciences and engineering. Not that upgrading housing, student centers etc isn’t a good thing but the highest value degrees right now (and possibly for the foreseeable future) are the sciences, particularly engineering and CS. An engineering degree often allows for immediate employment actually using those skills and garnering a fantastic paycheck for a 22 year old. I’m thankful Ritchie understands this and invested millions more of his own $ into that fantastic new building. I think that’s a great start. The way of the future is technology. I’d financially support DU if they can commit to achieving excellence in this domain.

    I’d personally love DU to carve out a nice niche within engineering and make that part of its core identity. Its engineering is ranked 179 nationally. That’s behind UC-Denver (167) and UCCS (146), which is frankly a bit embarrassing given DU’s resources. I think a good short term goal would be to get that into the top 100. For reference CSU is 67, which I believe is entirely doable with the right capital investment.

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