Ron Grahame officially sets September 1 retirement date, DU announces

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As expected, Vice Chancellor for Athletics, Recreation and Ritchie Center Operations Karlton Creech spent his first year observing department operations while making few operational or personnel changes. One of his key lieutenants during this period was Ron Grahame, who acted as Interim Athletic Director following Peg Bradley-Doppes’ departure and currently holds the title of Associate Vice Chancellor & Department Athletic Director. During his long career, Ron provided an experienced and steady hand, especially when it came to DU hockey operations, Denver’s premier sport.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, DU Athletics finished yet another year of incredible success with their 11th Director’s Cup in 12 years.

Now, according to Denver Athletics, Ron Grahame will retire in about two weeks, on September 1st, followed by a handful of other changes within DU’s athletic department. We will have more on Ron Grahame’s storied career and contributions to the University in an upcoming feature but anyone who knows Grahame knows that he put DU athletes first in all of his decisions. A native of Victoria, British Columbia, Grahame was one of the greatest goaltenders in DU Hockey history. He played in the NHL and spent most of his professional career supporting and guiding Denver athletics. He will be truly missed by all at DU.

An article from the Portland Press Herald announced that Lynn Coutts, the Senior Associate Director of Athletics, is leaving UMaine, where Creech was AD prior to coming to DU, to take a position within Creech’s department in Denver. She oversaw several aspects of the school’s athletic department, including compliance, Title IX, sports medicine, and student-athlete conduct. Mentored by Creech, it can be assumed that she will assume a number of the roles held by Grahame but there will be more clarity when DU makes its formal announcement.

Boone at Magness

No, not that Boone.

Though no formal announcement has yet been made by Denver Athletics, another change is expected with the addition of Emily Cozart Boone. On Twitter, she called herself, “Associate Athletics Director for Development & Strategy with Denver Athletics, Mom, Lifelong Learner, and College Sports Fanatic”. Prior to this move, she was the Assistant Athletic Director for Annual Giving at the University of Miami (FL) Athletics.

We expect other department changes and shuffling as Creech continues to shape his team and vision for the future of Denver Athletics.

3 thoughts on “Ron Grahame officially sets September 1 retirement date, DU announces”

  1. Ronnie will get his share of accolades in the next few weeks, all of them well-deserved. He is always laser focused on the needs of the athletes and their coaches, and his humble, ego-less Canadian-style service to their benefit was his guiding star as a coach and administrator. Glad to see that he got to enjoy his victory lap as athletic director over this last year, too.

  2. There will never be a person more dedicated to DU athletics than Ron. He has been the strong quiet man usually behind the scenes with an even hand in delicate situations and negotiations. Unfortunately, his leadership style is now out of favor as the diversity movement has taken over our university and big money has taken over college sports. Both requiring a more forceful and vocal management style. During his 40 year connection to DU as a player, coach, and administrator Ron has been a steadfast leader of and mentor for thousands of young men and women. We can only hope that those who follow will do the same.
    Goodbye Ron. You will be missed more than you will ever know.

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