Aspen Hall green space nears completion

We followed the demolition of Aspen Hall in an article last December. The 1950s structure had reached the end of its useful life and is now an open space located northeast of the Johnson-McFarlane Halls.

Green 5
Aspen Hall shortly before demolition
Green 6
Construction of the open space began in December 2018

The long-term future of the site is uncertain. The Denver Advantage 2025 plan, which  could take 20+ years to implement, is showing a new Graduate School of Social work at this same site.

Green 4
The Aspen Hall site should be open when scheduled classes begin next week.

In the interim, this is a nice addition to the south end of the DU campus.

3 thoughts on “Aspen Hall green space nears completion”

  1. The campus looks beautiful these days. No complaints. But I’m not sure why they would need to cram a new school of social work there right on top of the international studies building. Didn’t they recently (last 10 years) already build new school of social work? Note to DU–it’s OK to have some open green and garden space. They have a good thing going with the arboretum in the humanity gardens. This seems like a logical place to expand it.

    Wonder what is up with the beloved J-Mac?. I thought I heard some rumblings a while ago that they were going to tear it down. I hope they don’t. That building fits nicely in that corner of campus, looks cool, and will probably look even better with age. Keep it around, I say.

    1. J-Mac is headed to the wrecking ball according to the master plan. Not sure when. This week week when temps hit 100 degrees, it was one of the DU dorms with no A/C.

      Gotta’ agree with you, open space is a good thing and no need to shoehorn building in everywhere.

    2. 60+ years of teenage feet have worn the mid-century (1957) modern J-mac down to the nub of its former self. It is going to be removed in the coming years, as it would cost far more to renovate than to build a new dorm. Halls and Towers (built early 1960s) are also aging badly, When you are charging what DU is charging, having 50-60 year old dorms doesn’t sell very well on campus tours. Harvard can get away with decrepit dorms, but DU can’t.

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