“Go Denver Pioneers” Spirit Fund’s First Signage to Debut Tonight

Those of you who contributed to the “Go Denver Pioneers Spirit Fund” over the last 12 months will see the first fruits of your donations tonight at the Denver vs. Boston College Hockey Game!

The spirit fund has purchased over 100 re-usable DU fan signs and banners (see examples in the photo accompanying this story) designed to enhance the game-day experience in multiple different sections around Magness Arena.  This new signage will be available for use during games by season ticket holders and students, and the DU athletic department is handling game-day distribution and end-of-game retention.

This first signage investment represents less than 1/6th of the current fund so stay tuned for more purchases to debut later this season!

To make your contribution to the Go Denver Pioneers Spirit Fund, click this link,

One thought on ““Go Denver Pioneers” Spirit Fund’s First Signage to Debut Tonight”

  1. The signs looked great last night. They really added to the game atmosphere. We missed the band but glad there is an effort to pump up the game atmosphere. It seems like every venue pumps in canned music at events these days so there is almost no point in trying to cheer/yell over the music during breaks. It’s a sign of our times that we need to be constantly entertained. I guess it is a sign of the times…

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