Pioneers blow two-goal lead, hold on for win in shootout at Minnesota Duluth

Photo courtesy Duluth News Tribune

The top-ranked Denver Pioneers looked every bit of their consensus #1 ranking for the better part of three periods on the road against the #7 Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs, but for a defensive breakdown over the last 10 minutes of regulation. But thanks to Magnus Chrona’s magnificence in goal and Brett Stapley’s creativity in the shootout, Denver overcame their third period blown lead to earn the extra point for NCHC purposes. Denver is now 8-0-1.

As frustrating as the final part of the third period was with goals from Kobe Roth and Jackson Cates, both coming with an extra skater for UMD, the rest of the game showcased Denver’s strengths. Liam Finlay tallied two goals while Brett Edwards scored his first career NCAA goal to give the Pioneers a 3-1 lead. Denver, of course, would have preferred to improve to 9-0-0 rather than 8-0-1 but a tie with the extra NCHC point is a good result against the other of the country’s two best teams with a chance to take another three tomorrow night.

Reminder: like tonight’s game, tomorrow night’s game will be televised locally on KWGN Channel 2. It is UMD’s local feed broadcast here (though it isn’t the dulcet tones of our good friend and UMD radio play-by-play Bruce Ciskie, unfortunately).

6 thoughts on “Pioneers blow two-goal lead, hold on for win in shootout at Minnesota Duluth”

    1. My9 was pretty good for a small city (300k metro area Duluth TV station, where you just aren’t going to get Doc Emrick on play-by-play. Homers to be sure, especially on penalty calls, but we expect that. Judd Medak is a pretty good analyst – he knows the game, having played at this level. Very complimentary of Denver. Would love to hear Bruce Ciskie on PBP, but he does radio.

      Frankly, we were just happy to have the game televised here in Denver.

  1. DU probably deserved a better fate tonight, as they were 30 seconds from a win. Five on five, I though DUs gaps were great and they pushed the play for much of the game with solid puck control.

    But DU learned that you can’t sit back on a two goal lead in the third period against the defending champs and expect to win. UMD was able to find enough space twice to score with the extra man on the ice, and there’s your tie.

    Davies needs to be smarter than to take that third period penalty, which game UMD life.

  2. Got a little lucky on Stapley shoot out winner. It was close, but he might have stopped moving forward for a few feet and skated parallel to the goal?

  3. Damn. DU had that one in the bag but couldn’t close it out. That part was disappointing, but otherwise the Pios did a lot of good things. They were the better team for most of the game.

    Have to credit UMD, though. This is a team and a program that has players who perform in the clutch and know how to win. They are talented and well-coached.

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