Twitter Reacts to Jim Montgomery Dismissal

Surprised by the news of Jim Montgomery’s sudden dismissal by the Dallas Stars, the hockey world is still awaiting word on what, exactly, happened. Sometimes, Twitter can be cruel and other times, it can provide some much-needed comic relief. Here is the latter, as Stars fans and Hockey Twitter reacted to the unexpected change behind the Dallas Stars bench.

The only new news to report at this time came from Montgomery himself yesterday who promised he will, at some point, address his firing as head coach of the Dallas Stars.

“There will be a time,” he told Dallas WFAA radio Wednesday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Reacts to Jim Montgomery Dismissal”

  1. While some are finding some humor in this situation to help them process the unusual vagueness of what is currently public about this situation, I find it very hard to laugh about it right now.

    Monty is a great hockey coach, but this situation directly affects a number of people beyond just him, not the least of which is his family for sure, and perhaps others, too.

    We fans may feel we have the right to know everything about what happened, but we may never know the real truth of what went down.

  2. Good point, Swami. He did more than win games at DU. He opened up himself and his family in a way that many of us have never seen before. Based on Twitter, he established a loyal following in Dallas, too.

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