Speedy Mart Shutters in the Face of Change

It was just a matter of time before Speedy Mart met its ultimate demise. Built 50 years ago, the ragged independent gas station was as well known for its 12 soda machines, cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia, as it was for cheap gas. Located immediately west of the DU campus at Evans and Gilpin, the site’s two pumps and 368 sq ft building on a 125′ x 49′ lot could not compete with a new Safeway gasoline operation at Evans and Downing.

Over the years, the gas station was a go-to location for students and locals in search of cheap gas. But, the site has experienced years of decline.

The selling agent advised LetsGoDU that the owner of the property is removing his tanks this week before the end of the year to comply with current Sate of Colorado environmental regulations on closed gasoline facilities. The canopy, tanks and pumps will be removed as well, but the small C-store may continue to operate until a buyer is found, according to the selling agent.

And the price? A cool $1.3 million dollars.

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