What does the University Area need to be more livable?

Photo: The University Neighborhood Flag featuring DU’s Williams Tower- Flags of Denver

We asked local residents to ‘weigh in’ on the following question: ‘What does University/University Park Need to be More Livable’? The readers of NextDoor, gave us the following feedback:

  • A mircobrewery. The closing of Fermaentra, replaced by Art Hookah Lounge, still haunts us.
  • A dog park. With more dogs than children in Denver (true), we love our canines.
  • Sidewalk repairs/enforcement. With few area streetlights and uneven sidewalks, a nighttime stroll can be an adventure.
Navigating local sidewalks can be challenging
  • Sidewalk snow shoveling. Take your life into your own hands walking 1-2 days after a snow storm in the University neighborhood.
  • More 4-way stops. People use area secondary-streets as thru-streets in order to avoid congestion on Buchtel, Evans, Downing, Franklin and University.
  • Tiny housing/affordable housing options. With real estate prices spiking in Denver, locals want more creative housing options.
  • Improved bike infrastructure/bike lanes. People want to pedal safely in the university neighborhood.
  • Add more pedestrian crosswalks to more easily access local parks and cross busy cross streets. (See details on a new crosswalk here.)
  • Support local businesses. With DU in session only 30/52 weeks per year. businesses need local support. Residents should ‘ buy local’ to support local businesses when given the option.
 This south Denver neighborhood was founded in 1886 and advertised for its unsurpassed mountain views, distant from smelters, with pure air and no saloons, represented by the flag's sky blue. The central icon on the flag is the Richardson Romanesque styled Chamberlin Observatory, completed in 1890, and listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The crimson star is a nod to the neighborhood's ties to the University of Denver, who still use the observatory for astronomy classes.
The University Park Flag – Flags of Denver

NextDoor readers are mostly focused on lost dogs, stolen parcels, suspicious strangers and car break-ins. However, unrelated to our survey, there have been three other burning issues debated by Denverites on NextDoor. First, the culling of geese in Washington Park to manage over-population (Canadian Geese no longer migrate) and the associate goose poop. Second, a new ballot initiative to reintroduce the wolf to Colorado, supported strongly by some and opposed by others. (Interesting to see Denver residents passionately debate the wolf reintroduction when they do not have to live with the associated consequences – good or bad.) Third, the Urban Camping Ban ballot initiative that gives homeless the right to camp on public property in the city of Denver. The Camping Ban was upheld by voters but overturned by a Denver judge this week.

Despite debates and heated disagreements, this continues to be a great place to live, work, study and play.

Oh, and the view is pretty great too.


One thought on “What does the University Area need to be more livable?”

  1. The city needs to take control — and accept responsibility — for sidewalks. This “the property owner must shovel and maintain sidewalks” attitude is ridiculous. The city doesn’t plow its streets, but homeowners are supposed to shovel and repair sidewalks? Nobody else does it this way because it doesn’t work. Denver’s infrastructure is a mess, blame Hancock and his crew, it has gotten worse since he took over. As for the DU area, there’s no parking, not sure what businesses think will draw anyone from outside the area if folks can’t park. Try conducting business at DU, you either pay a huge fee to park, or try to find sidestreet parking and walk.

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