Statement from former head coach Jim Montgomery

Former University of Denver head hockey coach Jim Montgomery issued the following statement today: 


Statement by Jim Montgomery

January 3, 2020

Losing my job as head coach of the Dallas Stars last month was a wake-up call. I let the team’s front office, staff and players down. More importantly, I let my wife and family down. The team’s decision to end my role forced me to look into the mirror and decide whether I want to continue living a damaging lifestyle or get help. I decided to get help. I turned to professionals in the field of alcohol abuse for their guidance and counseling. It has been an overwhelming and a very humbling experience knowing that I am not alone. Today, with the unconditional support of my wife and family, and many close friends, I took another step forward by admitting myself into an inpatient residential program, where I intend to take the steps to be a better husband, father, friend, coach and mentor – one day at a time. Its a process I am committed to. As I do this, I ask my families privacy be respected. Thanks Monty. 


Coach Montgomery was always a great friend to LetsGoDU and the Denver hockey community. We wish coach Montgomery the very best in his personal battle. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Montgomery family as well.



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  1. Growing up, I saw my parents battle alcoholism. Ultimately, it lead to both of their deaths. The first step is to admit that you have a problem. Glad to see that Monty has taken that first step. It’s a long road for both Monty and his family. We will continue to pray for all of them as they all battle this horrible disease. God’s speed Monty. Your DU family will always be behind you my friend.

  2. I always appreciate what he did for DU in his short time here: a no-nonsense, quick ascent to the 2017 national championship that was an absolute joy for us fans. Good times. He’s obviously going through a horrible time, but I fully expect that he’ll work his way back to coach of an NHL team at some point in the future. Wishing him the best.

  3. Jim Montgomery was one of the classiest guys in college hockey. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him as a coach and as a human being. At first glance, I thought to myself, “what a harsh punishment for Dallas to fire him.” But then I got to thinking that whatever the details, whatever happened, maybe based on Monty’s public statement the decision that the Stars organization made will have helped save his life, his family, etc. I wish him nothing but the best.

  4. Wishing Monty all the best as he goes through rehab. This statement is a good first step. Since mental toughness is a big part of the rehab process (and he has shown plenty of it in his hockey career) I think he’ll come out the other side of it as a better man.

    I also hope that those who were hurt will heal as well and are getting what they need – his family and any others who may have been victimized by his behavior.

  5. In the long run Jim is going to come out of this and coach N.H.L. again.
    He is a man of unquestioned integrity and it is already apparent that he has committed to his rehab program. He will not fail in this endeavor.

    He has a great wife and family. That hasn’t changed. He has already demonstrated solid coaching ability at all levels of hockey, including N.H.L. He will return,

  6. Best wishes to Monty and his family in this difficult time. I have never gone through rehab but know several people who have. It’s a long road, but with a good support system and a strong desire to want to get help, Monty should emerge from all this a better person and with a new lease on life, so to speak. We are certainly all pulling for him.

  7. John- You seem to have a crystal ball handy 😉 I am sure we all wish Monty well. Glad he is getting help.

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