Coach George Gwozdecky Headlines DU’s 2020 Hall of Fame Class Induction Event

DU has formally announced its 2020 Athletic Hall of Fame inductees.

The ceremony will feature a return to campus by hockey head coach George Gwozdecky, one of Denver’s greatest coaches, who led DU to a pair of national championships, multiple NCAA appearances and an imposing 443-267-64 record in 19 years with the Pioneers between 1994 and 2013. The evening is sure to be a special one as ‘Coach Gwoz’ finally gets some of the eternal recognition that he so richly deserves as a legend in the Pioneer family.

There are a host of other exceptional DU athletes and honorees to be inducted, including soccer star and MLS champion Nat Borchers and one of Denver’s greatest golfers, Stephanie Sherlock.

Registration is now open for the University of Denver’s Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Celebration Saturday night of Alumni weekend, May 16, 2020. The evening begins with a reception at 5:00 p.m., with dinner and the ceremony to follow from 6:00 – 7:45 p.m.. The location of the event has yet-to-be finalized.

The last DU Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held five years ago during the 2014-2015 school year. Future plans are to induct athletes at minimum every other year.

The Class of 2020 includes Bill Dorn (Lifetime Achievement), Paul Sanford ’83 (Men’s Swimming and Diving), Dick Peth (Men’s Basketball Coach in the 1980s and 90s), George Gwozdecky (Hockey Coach), Lizbeth Johnsen ’96 (Skiing), Kristie Leggio ’08 (Women’s Lacrosse), Stephanie Sherlock ’10 (Women’s Golf), Geoff Snider ’06 (Men’s Lacrosse), Jamie Norwood ’04 (Women’s Soccer), Nat Borchers ’04 (Men’s Soccer), the 2008-09 Women’s Golf Team and the 1955-57 Ski Teams.

Go here for registration and details about each of the recipients.

5 thoughts on “Coach George Gwozdecky Headlines DU’s 2020 Hall of Fame Class Induction Event”

  1. Thatta boy, Gwoz! If there was an upper echolon category within the DU hall of fame, he would deserve to be in that, too. I doubt that I could come up with more than 5-7 people in DU sports history that are higher in the totem pole than Gwoz. Murray Armstrong, Willy Schaeffler, Magnuson, Dan Ritchie, maybe Ron Graham and Peg Bradley Doppes, too. I’d put Gwoz slightly above Bill Tierney. Anyway…well deserved!!!

  2. Quick Thoughts:

    1) Great of DU to finally bring back Gwoz for an honor he really deserves. Hopefully, DU will also bring him to Magness for recognition from the full hockey crowd. We’ve all waited a long time for DU to recognize what Gwoz accomplished, and I’m glad the current DU administration was finally ready to make this happen.

    2) Great to see DU resuming the Athletic Hall of Fame after taking a long 5 years off from inductions. While our school does do some traditions really well (the recent 70th Hockey reunion comes to mind) I still shake my head sometimes at our inconsistent treatment of traditions, which is a story for another day,

    3) Glad to see this event dovetailing with DU alumni weekend. This is smart, and brings a couple of hundred more people back to campus. Good cooperation with the rest of the University, too.

  3. Congrats Gwoz! Well deserved!!!

    I started following DU hockey in earnest in 2002-2003 after moving out here, and for all those years until he was let go, he was DU hockey–the face of the program for sure. More than that, though, he was the face of NCAA hockey in many ways for me as I began my journey as a college hockey fan.

    1. Same with me Twister. I lived out of town but he reignited my interest in DU hockey. I’d drop him an occasional note and he would get back to me within 24 hours every time – even tho I was not a donor or ticket holder. Amazing guy!

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