Crime Around DU During Quarantine

The Mayor of Denver, Michael B. Hancock, issued stay-at-home orders a month ago on March 23rd. We examined Denver crime statistics for the combined neighborhoods of University and University Park to get an understanding of crime in our current stay-at-home world.

During the past 30 days, there were 16 crimes reported in the University neighborhood and 32 in the University Park neighborhood, according to the Denver Police Department. The top two crimes were theft from an auto (14) and auto theft (10). While it is difficult to draw hard statistical conclusions based on one month, auto thefts were up versus the neighborhoods’ 7.3 historical monthly average and residential burglaries (3) are down versus the 4.9 monthly average for this area.

These figures, according to the Denver Post, are consistent with the rest of Denver where the number of overall crimes have dropped by a third. Drug offenses and traffic violations are down while car thefts and business robberies are up as roads are empty and businesses left largely unattended.

Other crimes around DU during this period include larceny/theft 7, assault 5, vandalism to auto/personal property 3, business robberies 2, public disorder 2, auto eluding 1, and telephone fraud 1.

As for area locations with the most crime, the Atelier Apartments at 2450 South University have 7 reported crimes along with 7 reported crimes at the McDonald’s at Colorado and Evans.  The 7-11 at Downing and Evans reported 5 crimes during the past 30 days and DU Conoco on University and Asbury had 4 reported crimes.

While it is still too early to draw any firm conclusions about crime in the University/University Park neighborhoods during stay-at-home, crime has remained relatively stable during this period in the DU area.

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