Students Tout DU in Newly Released Princeton Review

As students matriculate back to the DU campus, The Princeton Review released its annual college reviews yesterday. The review does not ‘rank’ universities but rather identifies strengths and captures student feedback. Students were positively quoted regarding academic curriculum, rigor, and quality of faculty. Students spoke positively about the on-campus learning environment, club sports, and social engagement. All this while touting the City of Denver, access to the arts and proximity to the Rockies, and skiing. The upbeat reviews couldn’t have come at a better time as DU continues to grapple with the realities, risks, and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DU ranked well in a number of areas such as Best Athletic Facilities (#15), College City Gets High Marks (#14), Best College Library (#4), Most Popular Study Abroad Program (#3) and Election, What Election? (2).

Interestingly, DU ranked in the bottom five for political engagement (Election, What Election?) for a second consecutive year. Assuming this is an accurate metric, this might indicate that the environment on campus is not exactly welcoming to political discourse, something we have suspected for years now.

Nonetheless, it is always positive to hear that DU students are pleased with their experience at DU and appreciate the value.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Students Tout DU in Newly Released Princeton Review”

  1. A few thoughts on some of these:

    #2 – Election, What Election? – Two ways to evaluate this: 1. Colorado is gorgeous and full of fun distractions, making the area more mellow and less political than other places, meaning majority of DU students don’t much care for politics as they have other things to occupy their time and energy. 2. Intolerant campus atmosphere causes fear of speaking out. I think it’s a combination of both things.

    – #3 Study abroad ranking is not surprising – DU has been a leader in that space since before 2005 when Dan Ritchie decided DU would pay any study abroad differences + student travel costs for same rate as DU tuition.

    -#4 Library ranking is nice – good to see people using the place so much in normal times, nice design, good work spaces and strong support services right there. Too bad they had to move 3/4s of the books to an off-campus warehouse in order to create more room for the redesign. For many of us, stumbling onto interesting material in the stacks is half the fun of going to a library…

    #15 – DU’s athletic facilities are still excellent. All are still 20 years old or less which is rare in D-I, but Ritchie Center is just starting to show its age in places. In the next decade, some of these facilities will probably need refurbishment/replacement. For example, I doubt the current campus tennis campus courts will still be there 5-10 years from now…Lax needs a bigger game facility, basketball needs a smaller one. DU needs more practice facilities, too.

  2. LOL, these “princeton review” ratings were so arbitrary and silly when I worked in marketing at DU (2007-200122) we didn’t even acknowledge them. They were considered useless.

  3. They may be considered useless by some (or even many) in higher ed, by they are certainly read by people and used by some to aid in college selection, rejection and short-listing.

    Additionally, DU made some serious investment decisions in diversity and inclusive excellence programming after a poor Princeton Review ranking in diversity back in the 2000s.

    All in all, I don’t think they are as important as the USNews Rankings (which actually out-lasted their sponsoring parent publication). Those should be coming out shortly, and DU is in danger of falling out out of the top 100, which is a danger zone for a private National university such as DU.

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