84 Division I Athletics Programs Dropped During Pandemic

The running list of sports teams dropped by Division I schools has reached 84 teams with men’s tennis (12), women’s tennis (9), and men’s track (9) the biggest losers. The biggest surprise is Stanford dropping 11 of their most successful sports To include women’s sailing (3 national championships), synchronized swimming (8 national championships), men’s volleyball (2 national championships), field hockey (2 national championships), and men’s rowing (5 national championships).

Outside Stanford, Furman dropping the growing sport of lacrosse was a major surprise as well.

Denver athletics added women’s triathlon during the pandemic and did not drop any men’s or women’s sports.

Baseball (3): Boise State, Chicago State, Furman

Coed sailing (2): y-George Washington, y-Stanford

Field hockey (1): y-Stanford

Men’s cross country (2): Akron, y-Connecticut

Men’s fencing (1): y-Stanford

Men’s golf (3): Akron, Dartmouth, Hampton

Men’s gymnastics (3): y-Iowa, y-Minnesota, y-William & Mary

Men’s ice hockey (1): y-Alaska-Anchorage

Men’s lacrosse (1): Furman

Men’s lightweight rowing (1): Dartmouth

Men’s rowing (2): y-George Washington, y-Stanford

Men’s skiing (1): y-Alaska-Anchorage

Men’s soccer (2): Appalachian State, Cincinnati

Men’s squash (1): y-George Washington

Men’s swimming (6): y-Connecticut, Dartmouth, East Carolina, y-Iowa, Western Illinois, y-William & Mary

Men’s tennis (12): Appalachian State, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, y-Connecticut, East Carolina, y-Iowa, y-George Washington, Green Bay, y-Minnesota, Northern Colorado, Southern Utah, Winthrop, Wright State

Men’s track (9): Appalachian State indoor only, Central Michigan indoor and outdoor, y-George Washington indoor only, Florida International indoor only, y-Minnesota indoor and outdoor, y-William & Mary indoor and outdoor.

Men’s volleyball (1): y-Stanford

Men’s wrestling (2): Old Dominion, y-Stanford

Softball (1): Wright State.

Synchronized swimming (1): y-Stanford

Women’s fencing (1): y-Stanford

Women’s golf (2): Dartmouth, Hampton

Women’s gymnastics (2): y-Alaska-Anchorage, y-William & Mary

Women’s rowing (2): y-Connecticut, y-Stanford

Women’s sailing (1): y-Stanford

Women’s skiing (1): y-Alaska-Anchorage

Women’s squash (2): y-George Washington, y-Stanford

Women’s swimming (6): Boise State, Dartmouth, East Carolina, y-Iowa, Western Illinois, y-William & Mary

Women’s tennis (9): Akron, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, East Carolina, Green Bay, Maryland-Eastern Shore, Northern Colorado, Southern Utah, Winthrop, Wright State

Women’s volleyball (1): y-William & Mary

Women’s water polo (1): y-George Washington

Bold = DU Sponsored sports
Note: (x-denotes school closure; y-effective in 2021)

Photo credit: Chattanooga Times Press

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  1. Complete non-sequitur to this article. But I see that DU moved up 17 spots to #80 is US News rankings for national universities. First reaction–great! Not all Colorado universities fared as well (example: CU-Boulder falling out of the top 100.) But it also makes you wonder why we fell the prior year…and how much of these dramatic rises and falls are within the control of the DU admin. Hopefully this indicates some kind of trajectory for DU. To the extent that it’s in their control, they should raise admission standards, take whatever action they can with a goal of getting into the low 60’s/upper 50’s in a few years. They were on that trajectory a while ago, not sure what happened. A ranking in that area would correspond better to DU’s price tag. Though I also see that DU ranks pretty highly in the “value” rankings–maybe top 60 if I recall??

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