DU Women’s Hoops Bounces CU, 85-84

It’s always a great day (or night) to beat CU. Denver women’s hoops took down the visiting Buffs 85-84 at Hamilton Gym Tuesday night. The visitors from Boulder stormed back from a 13 point deficit in the fourth quarter but two late free throws by DU sealed CU’s fate.

It was a DU freshman who delivered the knockout blow. Rowan Hein drew a foul on an in-bounds pass with 3.5 seconds to go with the Pioneers trailing by one point. Hein nailed her two free throws to give the Pioneers a 85-84 lead. CU was unable to get off a final shot as the horn sounded. Denver wins.

Sophomore Ugu Ezeudu scored 13 points, gathered 6 rebounds and added 2 steals.  Sophomore guard Megan Boyd led the Pioneers with 29 points in the win.

Photo: Courtesy of CU Buffs

6 thoughts on “DU Women’s Hoops Bounces CU, 85-84”

  1. Love it when our Pios can topple any Power 5 team. In hoops, those schools have a deeper recruitment pool to choose from, so when DU plays well enough to knock one off, it’s an achievement.


  2. It’s an interesting season with Covid-19 and not knowing how things were going to shake out.

    Whoops in Colorado have taken an interesting turn. Just a couple of years ago Ryun Williams was the talk of Women’s Basketball with a dynasty going up in Fort Collins. Chris Gobrecht is a great coach at Air Force, but they can’t recruit to be competitive. Kami Etheridge built Northern Colorado into a mid-major power, but then left to take step to the Power 5 job at Washington State.

    Then there is Jim Turgeon. We still haven’t had any transparency in Pioneer country regarding what took place. There have been rumors relating to the job description posted after Jim was removed, that the next coach needed to buy into to sensitivity training and critical race theory. Turgeon did a great job with the restoration of the Pios program that Kerry Cremeans had turned into a hot mess (Johnson had left her with talent and the team was on the map as received a WNIT invitation – that DU administration inexplicably turned down). Expect to see Turgeon back at Div I somewhere soon.

    Then there is JR Payne at Colorado. She inherited a cultural nightmare with a star player listening to the coaching from her Dad in the stands more than the coaching on the bench. It took several years to change the chemistry and get players to play more for the name on the front of the jersey than the name on the back, which was the culture of losing but “getting mine” that had been created there. Sadly, the program that JR Payne turned down, Arizona, is now a top-25 powerhouse with two incredible players: Caitlyn Reese and and Aari McDonald. Arizona has completely turned it around. JR Payne at Colorado has taken an irrelevant program mired in mediocrity (under Lappe), and reduced the program to the point that they are now losing to regional mid-major rivals. I remember the last time CU lost to Denver. Chucky Jeffrey had fouled out and was crying fierce tears of competitive fire. This is not that same CU team. Sadly, CU has been recruiting 3-star players more apt for the roster up at CSU for just the better part of a decade. The reality is that Denver has better coaching, better shooters, and a higher basketball IQ. Colorado simply put, can’t shoot and can’t defend the three-pointer.

    If Turgeon was still here I’d wonder if he was slated to get the job at CU after they fire JR Payne. If Etheridge was still here I’d wonder the same.

    However, Jenny Huth is a dumpster fire up at Northern Colorado which is interesting because rumor has it she was “promised” the Colorado job by Ceal Berry after a couple of years of seasoning up in Greeley. Hush inherited a solid mid-major program, and Kami had recruited one of the best all around players to ever play Women’s Div-I in Colorado in Kadie Deaton, but somehow Jenny couldn’t figure out how to get along or coach an exceptional Power-5 conference level 5’11” Guard with elite athleticism, competitive fire, ball handling, and a scorer’s mentality. Too bad we don’t get to see Deaton transferring to CSU or Denver now…but we’ll get to see her when she plays Denver in Summit League play. Huth’s UNC program is just burning to the ground under the toxic personality of a coach that is rubbing all her players the wrong way. CU will be firing Payne soon to stop the pain. Ryun turned it around (so far) up in the Fort. Chris is still coaching great at the Academy. Then we realize that Doshia Woods here at Denver just might be the best coach in the state, and it might not even be close. Didn’t expect that after Turgeon was fired.Let’s get South Dakota and SDSU next! Go Pios!

    Thank goodness for Doshia Woods as the rest of the programs in Colorado are either never going to be competitive (Air Force), or dumpster fires (Colorado and Northern Colorado). Ryun Williams just might have figured it back out after his single season five-player mass exodus that broke the back of his program.

  3. I’m not much of a women’s hoop fan, so take this for what its worth. My sources tell me the racial insensitivity issue is why Turgeon got the boot.

    I don’t know exactly what he said, how many times he said it or to whom he said it, but I heard the gist of it was an idea that might have been considered be mildly insensitive if said he said it even 5 years ago, but in today’s racial climate, DU was not taking any chances and he’s gone. The school has worked hard to eradicate racism, and Turgeon should have been smart enough to avoid saying what he said.

  4. Yeah, Racism was officially over at DU when they decided the day before (June 18) to give their employees Juneteenth off, duh. 🙄

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