Coyotes Rout Hapless Denver, 93-54

The Denver Pioneers (1-7, 0-1) faced the South Dakota Coyotes (3-6, 1-0) in Vermillion, South Dakota at the Sanford (who else) Coyote Sports Center for a late matinee game Saturday. USD pounded the Pioneers mercilessly, 93-54. This was, surely, the most embarrassing hoops loss since the historic 101-40 pasting administered by Gonzaga in 2018.

The Coyotes raced out to a 9-2 lead. The seven-point gap held even,  25-17, ten minutes into the first half. USD put the hammer down the next five minutes to extend the lead to 36-19. Ice cold Denver continued to fade as the Coyote lead extended to 22 points following a seven-minute Denver scoring drought, making the score to 41-19 with 2:15 remaining. The humiliating performance ended with the score 49-24 at the half. USD shot a blistering 57.7% for the first 20 minutes while the Pioneers searched for iron.

The first minute of the second half started as cold as the first as the Coyotes took advantage of Denver errors, racing out to a 57-24 bulge before a desperation Rodney Billups timeout. Denver was down 36 points with 14 minutes left in the second half – but it got worse for the Pios. USD continued to build their massive lead to 48 points, 80-32, with nine minutes to go in the game. Finally, the Coyotes called off the pack with seven minutes left.

The Pioneers allowed USD guard A.J.  Plitzuweit to score 31 points and record 6 rebounds while Stanley Umude added 17 points and 8 rebounds. DU  sophomore Tristan Green, the only Pio in double figures, led the Pioneers with 13 points and 6 rebounds but also contributed 6 turnovers. Denver had 20 turnovers and went 8-26 from beyond the arc while shooting 30% from the floor. Injured Robert Jones did not suit up for Denver.

The two teams face-off again tomorrow at the same time.

Photo: Courtesy of South Dakota Athletics


8 thoughts on “Coyotes Rout Hapless Denver, 93-54”

  1. This loss worse than loss to Zags. Gonzaga is a powerhouse every year. South Dakota was 2-6 and the game was played in front of 32 fans. Dunker calmly watched the game; maybe I was in shock. Not that things can’t change, but right now, DU is irrelevant in the college basketball world. It hurts me to put that in print. I’ll never call for any college coach to be fired, especially an alum. College has to be about more than that. I’m a huge supporter of DU athletics and will continue to contribute and cheer my

    lungs out for victory. However the powers that be must decide on our direction. Can we settle for a basically bad team with great kids. Sure, once in a while we’ll have moderate success. Or do we think it’s worth it to go all out with huge dollars to produce a constant winner. That is probably what it would take. There is no middle of the road here.

    It may surprise some of my fans; I’m good either way. We overachieve in most of our other sports. Hockey and lacrosse are national contenders most years. I might be able to live with that. (Sure I might change my mind tomorrow)It will be interesting to see what will happen with hoops.

  2. Dunker forgot to say: Go Pios. Let’s crunch CC. They suck. I don’t need any drama tonight.

  3. Embarrassing, indeed.

    This program, which showed a sense of pride and compete level earlier this season despite the close losses it had, is now slipping into full dumpster fire mode at the official record of 1-7, with ZERO D-I wins to date. Zero.

    At one point in tonight’s game, DU did not even bother to rebound. If this team can’t play with heart, how are DU fans expected to watch this?

    I don’t expect DU to be the next Gonzaga, but damn it, I DO expect DU to be competitive in this league. I can’t even watch these games anymore, and I am a die-hard DU hoop fan, part of a dwindling list of people that could probably all fit in Billups’ office…

    You can’t get worse than zero D-I wins, folks. Even Terry Carroll, the coach of the horrendous 4-25 DU team in 2006-20007 who took “medical leave” by stopping showing up for work that year in December, won four games that year.

    Clearly, without Robert Jones, this DU 2021 team cannot compete at this level. They just don’t have enough D-I level players, and that falls squarely on the coaching staff.

    I don’t know if this DU team will get to four wins this year. How can anyone defend zero D-I wins as progress?

    I am at the point where I cannot defend it.

    This program is not getting better.

    It’s getting worse…

    Nolo contendere….

  4. I genuinely watched most of this game being that it somehow made it to ESPN3.

    I feel bad for these players. These guys can absolutely win some D1 games and be at least competitive within the Summit. However you can just tell they have no confidence and are embarrassed to be out there right now.

    South Dakota is not 50 points better than DU, not even close. But they got amped up for this game and our players appear to have the life beaten outta them. I don’t think they believe they can actually win a game right now and so that permeates once the game gets more than a few possessions out of reach. Losing sucks, it really does. And further being the doormat in a doormat conference makes it hard to have pride in your team. But damnit a good coach should build the right kind of culture such that these guys are playing their balls off despite having yet to win a D1 game or being down 20 points.

    Unfathomably, things have gotten even worse than last year. I honestly didn’t think that would happen. At this point I don’t care that Billups is an alumn. Needs to go ASAP. How the hell are you going to get any real D1 recruits to come here if they watched the same game as I did? I wouldn’t want to be a part of that. It’s embarrassing.

    The damage being done may take a decade to reverse and letting this season continue to completion this way is only doing to solidify that. This was the first time I’ve seen ANY DU program flat out quit on a game. Bad.

  5. Has anyone ever seen a D1 team get beat by damn near 40 (after approaching damn near 50) and the winning team had only won 2 games this far? The article for this South Dakota state game could have been written and posted by halftime. Same ole story. The players obviously don’t want to play for this guy. How could they possibly believe in his eyes-glazed silly talk.

    Is it possible we cut this embarrassment “Coach” Billups loose and leave him in South Dakota and we get the players back safe so they can meet a competent head coach? Do we have to see this hot mess dumpster fire all the way through or can we simply admit this is too much and let go of this useless braindead coach before he finds even more unthinkable ways to make a fool of himself while embarrassing our school and program? This guy has gotten WORSE every year. Pathetic.

  6. This is truly an embarrassment to DU. Frankly, this has to at least partially rest on the doorstep of the Director of Athletics. No, he did not hire this disastrous head coach but he kept him after four years of straight downward mobility. How could anyone have thought that things would improve after the last two years and Billups was forced to play only with his recruits? Last year was horrific and Billups should have been fired along with every one of his staff. But for some reason, he was kept and at this rate Denver may wind up being the worst program in Division One. There can be no question that Billups is gone at this point. The question is whether, in the age of Covid, DU makes a commitment to become a respectable program and devotes the financial resources to make it happen.

  7. I had to rub my eyes and blink a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things and misreading the score. A 39-point loss to a 2-6 South Dakota team??!! I can’t believe it, and it begs the question: will this team win another game this year? To be frank, though, I just want the season to be over. It’s an unmitigated disaster, and I don’t want to see the program, the players, the coaches, and the University continue to wallow in this mess. At this point I’m cringing every time DU has to go out and play a game.

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