Bison Trample DU, 84-58

Denver men’s hoops (1-12, 0-6) returned to the Scheels Center in Fargo to face North Dakota State (9-7, 7-1) Saturday night trying to stop a brutal 11 game skid. The last road game Denver won was in 2018 but Denver was buoyed with the return of leading scorer Jase Townsend. Unfortunately, Denver returned to recent form and was crushed by the Bison, 84-58.

Denver fell behind as is their custom, 10-2, in the first six minutes with only two free throws by Javonni Bickham. NDSU poured it on over the next five minutes, behind Rocky Krauser’s 8 points, to lead 21-7. A layup by Odell Wilson at 7:24 gave NDSU an 18 point lead, 29-11. The Pioneers deficit extended to 22 points with 3:53 remaining in the half. A three-point Tyree Eady shot sent the Bison up by 24, 44-20 with 1:26 to go. The half ended 46-20 with 78.3% shooting by the Bison. The home team seemed to enjoy the first 20 minutes as NDSU players openly celebrated their success on the court and emptied their bench in the half as the hapless Pioneers could never respond.

No sense recapping the second half. Just an embarrassing result for Denver in what is turning into a nightmare season.

Final score, 84-58.




Photo: Courtesy of NDSU Bison Athletics


3 thoughts on “Bison Trample DU, 84-58”

  1. You just knew that NDSU would take the Pios to the woodshed in game 2 of the weekend, after DU had taken its best shorthanded shot in game one and put a scare into the Bison for a while.

    No way NDSU was going to allow DU to hang around on their home court in game 2, and 78% Bison shooting in the first half will beat just about anybody, I don’t care who you are.

    DU is pretty lucky that Covid is keeping the fans away this season, and that they basically don’t get any home media coverage other than this blog.

  2. Hang in there Pios. Tough stretch next with SDSU but then Feb should provide plenty of opportunities.

  3. The current state of affairs with DU basketball is as follows:

    (1). DU is off to its worst start EVER in program history. We have not won a single game against a D-1 opponent this year.

    (2). DU’s current 12 game losing streak appears to be the longest losing run in the Program’s history — EVER (Puck can correct me if this is an error),

    (3). DU’s current NET ranking (new RPI) places DU at 344 out of 347. This is the lowest ranking EVER for DU hoops with only 3 teams below us (S.C. State, Chicago State, and Miss. Valley).

    But as pointed out by the faithful, there is optimism on the horizon as DU plays several weak-sisters from the Summit League in February which include::

    North Dakota (4-13) (295 NET ranking)
    Omaha (2-12) (311 NET ranking)
    Western Illinois (1-11) (324 NET ranking)

    Let’s hope they can go .500 when they play these anemic foes.

    It’s hard to believe that the program has fallen to such a pathetic new low. I truly believe that DUs athletics department owes all of the former DU players who toiled long, hard and mightily over the years to build a strong and respectful program an apology. All of their admirable work has been tarnished and squandered under Billup’s regime. The apology should start with the administration firing (not renewing his contract) as soon as possible. That is the least these former players are owed.

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