Top 10 Triathlon Finish Highlights DU’s First-Ever Event

The University of Denver’s women’s triathlon team made history Saturday afternoon when they competed in their first-ever event. The Clermont Draft Legal Challenge included a 750-meter swim, a 20K bike ride and a 5K run.

Grace Arlandson and Amanda Ballard finished 8th and 14th respectively while Luma Randolph collected a 34th place finish out of 66 collegians in the field of the two-day event. In college triathlon, teams are allowed to work together and draft during the swimming and biking while going it alone during the 5K run. Arlandson and Ballard remained in relatively close contact the first two legs of the race until the end of the bike segment and final run when  Arlandson moved up to finish in the Top 10.

DU Athletes Swim Bike Run Finish
Grace Arlandson 11:40 32:43:00 21:50 1:08:20 (8th)
Amanda Ballard 11:58 33:38:00 21:22 1:08:59 (14th
Luma Randolph 13:33 33:49:00 23:09 1:12:50 (34th)

With triathlon added in mid-August, head coach Barbara Perkins had little time to recruit candidates so expect this first spring season to include trial and error as a number of her athletes have never completed a triathlon before. A full team would include seven athletes and DU currently has only four on their roster. But that, perhaps, is what makes this season so interesting for Denver’s triathlon team. Today was a dry-run of sorts to shake out the cobwebs, practice transition area protocols, draft in a pack and identify areas for improvement. At this point in the collegiate racing season, there has not been a final decision on if and when the collegiate national championship will be held for triathlon this season.

DU triathlon had a very strong first day of competition. The Pioneers take to the course again tomorrow at 7:50 am to complete the two-day event.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Triathlon Finish Highlights DU’s First-Ever Event”

  1. I missed an explanation somewhere along the way. Why did we start another team? Was this a Title 9 thing? Just curious, I don’t have an opinion one way or the other, just wondering why DU felt it needed a triathlon team?

    1. Could be Title IX but I know that DU got a $250k to start the program from the USA Triathlon. Plus, it is pretty spartan with one HC and only 7 athletes.

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