NHL to Allow Sweater Advertisements Starting in 2022-23, Is NCAA Next?

According to The Hockey News, the NHL will allow teams to run ads on their jerseys. The move will see ads fit inside a 3-inch-by-3.5-inch rectangle, similar to what is done in the NBA. The decision comes after the NHL allowed teams to sell advertisements in lieu of team logos on helmets to help replace lost revenue due to Covid-19.

As collegiate student-athletes begin to receive Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) revenue, do you think student-athletes should be allowed to post ads on their uniforms? According to Big XII Coordinator of Officials Greg Burks, there is a gray area in the current NIL rules and the NCAA will allow a 16-square-inch patch, four inches by four inches, for any advertisement, endorsement, or any other message. Or, should the universities themselves be allowed to place ads on student-athletes uniforms?

What do you think about ads on players uniforms?

What do you think about advertisements on college uniforms?

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4 thoughts on “NHL to Allow Sweater Advertisements Starting in 2022-23, Is NCAA Next?”

  1. European Hockey teams are far worse than soccer teams in terms of advertising coverage.

    I always prefer clean uniforms, but if it means the difference between having live hockey and not having hockey, I’ll accept the ads. After about 15 minutes of watching hockey in Europe, you tend to forget about the ads and concentrate on the players.

  2. Curious whether that name/likeness ruling will allow teams to sell and share revenue with player names and numbers on them … that would be interesting.

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