Following Denver Athletics Just Got Easier

Denver Athletics launched a new mobile phone app with real-time game updates, scores, breaking news, and access to game tickets. The app can be customized to match the interest of each user and tickets will be electronically issued to customers who, in turn, download their tickets into their electronic wallets for presentation game day. Like many other entertainment outlets, Denver is rapidly phasing out paper tickets and moving to e-tickets.

Paper tickets are becoming as rare as a Colorado College hockey victory.

The biggest advantage is securing the ability to receive game updates instead of laboriously logging into for scores. Also, Fans can individualize content they want to receive from individual athletic teams as well as programs at the Richie Center to include the Coors Fitness Center. Upcoming game schedules will be posted to the app so no more trolling through the website to find schedules, times, and locations on your mobile phone or home computer.

If ticket holders want to access their account for season tickets or individual tickets, they can enter their Denver Pioneers box office email address for entry to manage their ticket purchases. Tickets can be electronically transferred between guests and instead of waiting in the ticket line, fans can purchase tickets directly on their phone and go directly to the gate. Tickets can also be posted to StubHub should customers wish to sell their tickets.

As more people consume data on the move, this new app keeps Denver Athletics current with the changing times where customers want fast, easy electronic transactions and ready access to breaking news and information.

The current website will continue to operate as it does today. The app and will continue to offer links to the Fan Zone where fans can purchase Pioneer All-Access to watch games live, for a monthly fee.

Of course, we will miss getting the seasonal envelopes from DU with paper season tickets. But, under the new system, we no longer need to worry about lost or misplaced paper tickets, either. All in all, this is an excellent addition by DU Athletics.

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