Kohen Olischefski’s Long and Winding Road to Providence

It’s a complicated story but LetsGoDU can now reveal the reason for former DU ice hockey captain, Kohen Olishefski’s transfer to Providence College.

The story begins a long, long time ago.

Jay Stickney and his twin, Ray, were born in Denver, Colorado. Inseparable since birth, the pair had a normal childhood and adolescence until Jay was accepted to the University of Colorado and Ray matriculated to Providence College, in Providence, RI.

The twins, Jay left, Ray right, went to the same grade school, high school,  played sports together and even dated the same girls.

In the fall of 2000, Jay Stickney went on to become the play-by-play voice of DU Hockey while Ray moved to Pawtucket and two years later was unanimously elected by the Providence student body to be their mascot, Friar Dom.

Fast forward to spring 2020.

This past April, several DU players, including Kohen Olischefski, dropped by the Stickney home in Denver during a family reunion and beer-pong tournament. Jay dominated the table all night long, especially against Ray,  so Kohen made a bet, “If Ray beats Jay this next game, I’ll transfer to Providence.”

Now you know the rest of the story.

Olischefski’s cryptic tweet provided clues about his unusual departure.

DU faces the Friars and Friar Dom Friday night at 5:00 pm MT. After Friday night, we will continue to extend our very best to Olischefski.

Top photo of Kohen Olischefski courtesy of Providence Athletics

2 thoughts on “Kohen Olischefski’s Long and Winding Road to Providence”

  1. Ha Ha, Dunker finds the saga pretty funny. FYI, the last time we were in Providence, Friar Dom fell in love with Boone and was on the verge of being excommunicated. I saved the day by getting Boone an alternative ride to Boston and Friar was stuck on the curb of the Dunkin Donuts Center.

  2. I’m sure it will be a strange feeling for both DU and for Kohen to battle against each other tonight, particularly since it’s been 6-7 months since he wore the C for the Pios.

    I’d be curious to get Kohen’s perspective on why DU struggled so much last season.

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