7 Things To Do Around DU With a Halloween Hockey Bye Weekend

  • A volleyball – soccer doubleheader at DU on Saturday. Watch DU volleyball battle for first place against Omaha at 1:00 pm at Hamilton Gym. Go to Crimson & Gold on University for a late lunch and the Campus Lounge on Evans to refuel. Go to the 7:00 pm Denver men’s soccer match against Omaha as the first place Pioneers play their conference rival.

  •  Sunset Haloween Baby Goat Yoga  at 5555 West Evans. Want to stroke your goat? According to the organizers, the event is an actual 45-minute goat yoga session and ends with a 15-minute ‘decompression’ for the guests and goats.  (If you are from North Dakota, you can bring your own goat.)
  • Prep for Halloween by visiting the 40,000 strong spider collection at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. While the event is unusual, it is no stranger than Omaha volleyball (temporarily) in first place.
  • Need to relax after last weekend’s road hockey sweep? Go to the Denver Flotation Center. Customers get a private tank where you are suspended in total silence within an oasis of salt water, washing away the tension from last weekend.
  • Go on a road trip and visit the UFO Watch Tower in Hooper, Colorado. Some might consider it a waste of time looking aimlessly for space aliens but CC fans have desperately looked for a hockey championship for over 65 years.
  • If you like Edward Scissorhands more than scissor kicks, go to the Clocktower Caberet Saturday night and witness an aerial and burlesque tribute to Tim Burton in the Clocktower’s annual Boo-lesque 2021 performance.
  • Have fun with family and kids while you pay tribute to the DU women’s soccer team on the road versus two South Dakota teams by visiting the Denver Botanic Garden Corn Maze at Chatfield. (Remember, South Dakota is home to the Corn Palace, a massive structure made entirely of corn.)

4 thoughts on “7 Things To Do Around DU With a Halloween Hockey Bye Weekend”

  1. Sets up a big Sunday match for the regular season title at home. DU had chances but couldn’t finish. They missed Sami Feller.

    1. No word from DU on health issues for student-athletes. I thought I heard the DU announcer say she would be back for the playoffs. We will know Thursday at 1:00.

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