Denver Soccer Star Faces Biggest Battle

While we anxiously anticipate DU’s upcoming second-round NCAA match against Clemson Sunday at 5:00 pm MT, a former Denver soccer star is facing a much bigger battle. As he plainly stated on his Twitter November 17th, “The hardest day of my life.”

Kortne Ford, a former DU soccer star, announced this past Wednesday that his mother, Laurie, is discontinuing her years-long battle with cancer treatments and will now focus on the quality of life. The mother-son tandem has a well-documented connection. Ford’s devotion and advocacy are likely a key reason why his mother has clung tightly to life following a stage four breast cancer diagnosis 13 years ago. It has been a bumpy ride with radiation, remission and recurrence.

A family of limited financial means, the story of how Ford even made it to the DU campus marks a remarkable journey. Following a childhood of mental and physical abuse by his estranged father, the mother and son moved from Kansas City to Denver to start a new life. Laurie had fought for two years and won court custody of Kortne in 2008 after a lengthy battle. Unfortunately, the custody victory was short-lived when Laurie was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, shortly after arriving in the Mile High City. Kortne, living with his mother, studied and played at DU under current head coach Jamie Franks for three years while providing support and care for his mother. His continued devotion extended all the way through his current career with the Colorado Rapids and on-loan status with the San Antonio FC.

Never has Kortne stopped fighting for his mother publicly and privately, recently setting up a GoFundMe page to cover her medical care. Please take a few moments to give them your thoughts and prayers. And if you can spare some time and make a contribution, give them some ‘Pioneer love’ on Laurie’s GoFundMe site. Kortne is seeking help with the cost of hydration therapy and end-of-life support. In all the sadness, their story is a sterling example of love and devotion, a model for all to see and follow.

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