Increasing Crime Rates Hit University Neigborhood

Statistics generally don’t lie. According to published police reports, property crimes increased in the consolidated University and University Park neighborhoods in 2021. The trend included double-digit increases versus 2020 in personal property crime, robberies, burglaries and car theft. The few areas of improvement were drug arrests and bike thefts.

The consolidated University/University Park neighborhood features I-25 to the north, Colorado Boulevard to the east, Yale to the south and Downing to the west.

We consolidated the two neighborhoods of University and University Park to get a comprehensive view of 2021 crime. There were 780 property crimes (up 28%), 128 burglaries (up 88%), 168 car thefts (up 26%), 39 violent crimes (up 5%). In regard to lesser reported crimes, rape was up (4 vs 3) and domestic violence increased (13 vs 10) along with one homicide. There were 56 bike thefts reported (down 29%) and 28 drug arrests (down 47%).

2021: Violent Crime in the University and University Park Neighborhoods

In the context of the entire City and County of Denver, the lower the rank, the lower the crime rate. University Park ranked 64th and University ranked 61st out of 78 Denver neighborhoods. The DU neighborhood is in the top quartile for a relatively low crime rate – so despite the increase in overall crime in the area, other parts of Denver are experiencing even greater levels of crime.

Most university area crimes reported during the year were at four apartments and three retail locations over the past year. There were 14 reported crimes at Safeway (2150 South Downing), 11 at 7-11 (1600 East Evans) and 12 at the Colorado Boulevard McDonald’s (South Colorado & East Evans). The four apartment complexes were University Park Towers (17) at 2225 E. Buchtel Blvd., One Observatory Park (27) at 2360 East Evans, University House (19) at 2400 East Asbury and Colorado Station Apartments (15) 2725 East Buchtel Apartments.

The University of Denver neighborhoods have become more subject to crime, though this isn’t unique just to this area. Property owners and renters alike should look to improve their own safety precautions and always be on alert when out and about in the area.

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5 thoughts on “Increasing Crime Rates Hit University Neigborhood”

  1. Denver isn’t the “dusty old cow town” with the Western charm that it once was. I’ve been in the DU/Platt Park area for about 20 years now, and it has a much different feel today than it once did. Still a great neighborhood to be in, but the days of leaving your bike unattended or your garage unlocked are over.

  2. Just be thankful that the homeless camps have not infected this area. That is where the crime and generally disgusting stuff is concentrated. Some day we will have a mayor with actual balls to rid downtown and capitol hill of this scourge.

  3. Despite the crime would still love to live in the Platt park/University park/Wash park area. It’s absurd to me that you need to throw down 1.5M+ to get an updated 4 bed. Feel like my wife and I do pretty well as physicians but still can’t afford the area. I’m genuinely curious what all these people do to be gobbling up $2M homes. Further bizarre that the crime rate is higher than it should be. Guess I’m jealous haha

    1. Yes, the real estate is pretty crazy in those areas, and I also wonder who is able to buy all those homes. I was fortunate enough to get into Wash Park about 12 years ago, but I could not afford it if I had to buy there now. I think the area from DU west to Downing (Rosedale?) is a pocket of relative affordability. Probably because there are a lot of small, non-brick houses. Maybe you’d have to be careful not to buy a house next to a rental with fun-loving DU students (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) Also, although there are a decent number of new builds there, not sure how conducive the small lots are to rebuilding. Anyway, if I was in the market, I would check that area out.

      1. Oops, I think the area that I thought was Rosedale might actually be part of Platt Park. Looks like Rosedale is south of Evans.

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